King Cage's Behold Tool Pouch and Top Cap Cage Mount

Matt IrvineMatt Irvine has previously modeled skinny jeans for Commute by Bike. He is also an amateur pilot. When he encounters flight restrictions, they’re in his pants.

King Cage Behold Tool Pouch | Photo: King Cage
King Cage Behold Tool Pouch | Photo: King Cage

I decided to install the Behold Tool Pouch with Cage on my single speed bike. Due to my bike’s minimalist design I was not carrying any tools or spare tube in case of a flat.

Installing the Behold is a bit of a challenge. I consider myself good with instructions and able to assemble just about anything, but it took some time to figure out how the mounting screws at the base of the cage fed through the straps that hold the bag in place.

The Behold also came with three bags. I tried each and found that the large bag would slide out of the cage and hit my front chain ring. The small bag just didn’t have enough volume for the C02 bike pump, tools and other random items that I carry around so I settled on the medium size bag which fit perfectly.

Once the Behold with the Cage was installed, it felt like it had always been there.

King Cage BeholdI love the fact that I only have two brazons on my bike, yet I am able to carry a bag full of goodies and a water bottle.

I was happy to find that the cage does not rattle around or make a bunch of noise when I am commuting along to work. It is a solid design that works well.

The other item that I found tremendously useful was the stem mounted bottle cage. I have always wanted to have a water bottle mounted between my aerobars so I could stay low and not sit up to grab my water. The mount was easy to install and has not left my bike since. I used it in two races and it was perfect!

Overall I found the product tremendously useful and a great addition to both of my bikes.

King Cage Top Cap Cage Mount
King Cage Top Cap Cage Mount | Photo: King Cage

The Behold Tool Pouch with Ballistic Nylon bag sells for $35.00 US
Top Cap Cage Mount sells for $8.00 US

Both are available directly from King Cage.

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4 thoughts on “King Cage's Behold Tool Pouch and Top Cap Cage Mount”

  1. Chrehn says:

    This an excellent idea.

  2. Mark H says:

    A bit more detail would be nice- dimensions of each bit (yeah, the king cage website has dimensions listed, but is that for the cage or the bag?)

    Include a picture of the items that fit into the bag, and maybe images of the bags side by side.

    Give more detail about what is provided- apparently three bags (certainly more information than king cage’s website) and the cage. What about mounting hardware? What about the material of the cage, bags and the mounting hardware? Yeah, the website says stainless cage and ballistic nylon, but what’s the workmanship like, what denier nylon? Any colors available?

    Finally, price- again the king cage has it, but it’s still nice to include it in the review and maybe even a comment about its value.
    Okay, so the cage was difficult to put on. Why not provide tips on mounting it? Or should a potential buyer just say, “Well, I’m probably not as mechanically adept, so I probably don’t want to get it if I can’t put it on.”

    What keeps the bag from falling out? Why does the large bag slide out and the medium one not?

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Mark H: The prices are at the end of the post, under the last photo. It would have been easy to miss them.

      Drunk Cyclist did a review of King Cage with some of the detail you want, and maybe some detail you don’t want:

  3. Allen Young says:


    Thanks for the review. Full product information can be found at

    Tallac Design is the innovator of the Behold we work in partnership with King Cage.

    Founder of Tallac

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