Jeff's Air Stream Bike Trailer Camper

A few months ago, this email came through our in box to help a small bike trailer Kickstarter project. We didn’t have a chance to ever post the project before it was cancelled. Never-the-less, it was an interesting looking project worthy of a ike Trailer Blog post. Below is Jeff’s camper bike trailer. This bike trailer looks quite comfy and self-contained I must say. In the past, we’ve blogged about bike trailer tents, but this deserves a category all of its own.

From the contributor:

Can you help us get the word out? Hello! We just launched a new Kickstarter to help a designer make his dreams come true…

Jeff, the designer and builder of this 170 pound trailer is 55 years old. He lost his right eye to cancer yet his craftsmanship is unhindered. Jeff has built three versions of his ultra-light trailer, and claims that the current version of his trailer has a unique shape that allows him to pull it against the wind with not too much effort! He needs to raise $500 towards the next version which will hopefully attract the attention of people who will really enjoy this trailer, and want one of their very own.

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9 thoughts on “Jeff's Air Stream Bike Trailer Camper”

  1. Mike bartell says:

    I like you designs. trailer lik trailer like yours. I am a homeless individual . I am waiting in in May I would like to learn I would like to learn more aboutyour trailers

  2. Weiland says:


    I am a former engineering student looking into new prospects in life. I grew up in a poor town and sheltered many people down on their luck. I’ve donated food, money, clothes, computers, you name it. I’ve almost been there myself. Like my name would suggest, I’m a craftsman at heart and want to make a difference in someone’s life. I wanted to build something like your trailer and donate it. In 5 years, I’d like to be donating 10 a year, and in 10 years, I’d like to be closer to 30 per year. It’s grandiose, I know, but I’ve got the vision and the heart. what else am I to do with that? I would love to know that I helped someone live through a cold winter.

    I like the design of a trailer vs a modified bicycle as it would add modulation to the setup. should something break (most of the mechanical complexities would be in the bicycle itself) it would require less proprietary manufacturing to fix.

    anyway, I’d like to communicate on you’re experiences through your own adventure. NO MONEY. I simply want to take notes on a similar project.

    1. Jonas Odgaard says:

      Hey Weiland. This my sound of, but I want to see you succeed with project.
      I too have former education as a engineer in Denmark, but live in Sweden today.

      Write me back then we can surely get you trailer project out on the road. Maybe in Sweden too :-).

      Many GreenHearted (let sink in) Greetings
      Jonas Emanuel Odgaard

    2. Please get a hold of me. I have a similar vision I would like to share with you about helping the homeless.

      1. Jonas Odgaard says:

        Okay… How and trough what communication? Mail, chat, Skype, Facebook?
        Greatings Jonas Odgaard, “The Green Geek”

    3. Joel Matteson says:

      I have several years on the street & many ideas on structural details, material, essential survivability builtin…and none to proto design it with.

  3. Weston Cronin says:

    I would love the schematics of this trailer. If you can give or sell them that is.

  4. manny says:

    hello the was built by my friend Jeff Durdan i have more photo of this airstream type trailer he travels alot with his bicycle he was tired of sleeping on the ground in his sleeping bag he ask me to help him bulid the frame work do i then he took it to LasVegas to have the diamond plate bottom bulit brought it back to Littlerock,Ca. where put the sides and roof on.all this out of his head no blue prints or schematics.PeddlePower everybody!

  5. salman soheili says:

    Jeff ! Incredible . I had the idea to make a biker but i didn’t knew it has already been built by many people . i am gonig to build one and start wandering around . i am from iran . 37 years old .How should i begin to do that . how can i find material to build should i customize it . i wud be really glad to have your guideline / tnx salman

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