Month: October 2011

Buy-Cycle Back to Prosperity

Filmmaker and anti-helmet Fashionista extraordinaire, Mikael Colville-Andersen, dug up this Depression-era cartoon, encouraging people to buy, buy, buy, as a way of stimulating the American economy with more “circulating dollars.” That cartoon is truer now than it was when it was originally published. The irony is that just before the Great Depression, only about half…

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Reality Sucks – Buy an Electric Bike

We’ve been enjoying all of the uproar over GM’s recent Reality Sucks ad campaign, directing college loosers to become winners by further signing their lives away to paying off a car loan.Many cycling bloggers and even Giant bicycles have glommed onto this softball that GM lobbed over the plate and GM’s own Facebook Page for…

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Fabian's Bike Trailer Train

Fabian previously sent in some photos of his eye-catching, baby blue bike trailer. Now he’s added on two more trailers just in case you weren’t watching him go down the road already. For a long time I’ve wanted to tow a multi-combination trailer set with some serious road presence. As things currently stand, front to…

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Jeff's Air Stream Bike Trailer Camper

A few months ago, this email came through our in box to help a small bike trailer Kickstarter project. We didn’t have a chance to ever post the project before it was cancelled. Never-the-less, it was an interesting looking project worthy of a ike Trailer Blog post. Below is Jeff’s camper bike trailer. This bike…

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'Stop pedaling… start driving'

General Motors has a new program aimed at college students, hoping to inspire them to buy GM cars with a “college discount.” The “Reality Sucks” advertisement has all the subtly of a commercial for Axe Body Spray — and apparently is aimed at the same insecure demographic. Just in case the ad is too subtle,…

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