A car site talks sense about cyclists. We've infiltrated the beast!

Carbuzz.co.uk is a UK-based a car research site, which momentarily lost command of their senses and published “What drivers can do to be more cyclist aware.”

One of the authors is Chris Gidney, “a keen cyclist and technician at SRAM.” Carlton Reid also has some of his fingerprints on this.

It’s hard to imagine a publication aimed at motorists being this… I dunno…

Sensible! That’s the word I’m looking for!

It’s hard to imagine a publication aimed at motorists being this sensible!

I don’t write about bike safety very much, because it only reinforces the success that the fearmongers of cycling have already achieved. Cycling is already safe. It’s cars that are dangerous. An average hour of cycling is safer than an average hour in a car. More than 90 percent of cycling fatalities involve a meeting with a car. And so on…

You already know the fodder from so many cycling blogs, including this one. So, when you read this, keep in mind that the you of this audience is motorists, and the they is cyclists. And since this is a UK publication, also remember that left translates to right in American Trafficese.

Realise cyclists are vulnerable
You’re driving a vehicle hugely heavier and more powerful than theirs. In any impact, they will be the losers. Perhaps it’s best we take after most other European countries which operate ‘strict liabilty’. These regulations result in the motorist’s insurance usually being deemed to be responsible in any crash involving a cyclist. In the same way that a cyclist would be at fault in a smash with a pedestrian. With the driver always at fault in any accident, driver’s become evidently more cautious around cyclists.

What Drivers Can Do To Be More Cyclist Aware

We have infiltrated the beast!

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9 thoughts on “A car site talks sense about cyclists. We've infiltrated the beast!”

  1. Dr. M says:

    Excellent article. We need to lose the class warfare of drivers vs cyclists as most people fall into both categories at any given time. That having been said cyclists should not be so self righteous as we can often be insensitive to pedestrians on the roadway. I try to sound my bike horn way back and pass them with the same 3 ft. margin I hope to get from cars.

  2. Amazing! Whodda thunk? And in our lifetime.

  3. James Hind says:

    I’m the founder of carbuzz and I wouldn’t say we “momentarily lost command of our senses”!

    We’re well aware of the fact that a small minority of drivers don’t treat cyclists correctly and we’ve seen some of the unfortunate video and newspaper evidence to show that. We wanted to get this message across to the drivers who visit our site and just remind them the correct way to drive around cyclists.

    Chris, a long term friend of the site, is a keen cyclist and we sat down with him and planned the article from a cyclist’s view. I must also point out that Carlton Reid was also a huge help in editing the article too.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      @James: I’m going to just cop to a bias — a bias that is prevalent among many cyclists, and bike bloggers in particular. It’s a bias that has it’s basis in reality. It is a bias that I reflexively, jokingly, and perhaps unfairly, held against Carbuzz merely because it is a publication written for car buyers. It’s a bias that, if you have it, then you are in on the “momentarily lost command of senses” joke.

      The bias is this: Cyclists believe that motorists view themselves as the rightful and privileged users of the roads, and that motorists view cyclists second-class nuisances on the road. And their attitude towards cyclists is on a spectrum that ranges between pity and hostility. And nowhere is this attitude more glorified than in publications for autophiles. The bias also holds that we cyclists are victims of this attitude, and our burden is to persuade motorists to change said attitude.

      The bias also fuels the “Us vs. Them” attitude on both sides.

      So, James, I hope you read past that “lost command of senses” comment and understood that the major thrust of my post is gobsmacked praise for Carbuzz. You have not only challenged this bias, you’ve chosen to share the burden of persuasion. And for that I can only applaud you.

      Finally: I get many requests every week from people wanting me to promote a Web site or a product. I rarely oblige. These articles tend to be irrelevant to this blog, or half-assed and hackneyed attempts to get some link love from a popular blog. ““What drivers can do…” on the other hand, is possibly the best concise article on the rights of cyclists I’ve seen anywhere. Ever. Really.

      Thank you again.

  4. BluesCat says:

    James – (Chuckle) If I were you, I’d go ahead and accept Ted’s label that “y’all have gone daft for a second.”

    If word of a car site promoting a “Can We All Just Get Along” philosophy with bicyclists reaches the ears, or web browsers, of car site builders in AMERICA … whew! … boy!

    At the very LEAST you’ll be called Automotive Traitors! At the MOST you’ll be called SOCIALISTS!

    Seriously, though, a very good article, James.

  5. Nathan says:

    Good news if drivers become more bike aware. I sense that there is growing realisation that our road priorities must change.

    Please look at my biking blog at http://rideaday.wordpress.com/


  6. Cyclelogical says:

    Great article. Thanks for posting!

  7. James Hind says:

    Thanks Ted,

    Don’t worry I wasn’t offended at all, and did read past the opening line!

    I put an exclamation mark in my original comment, hoping to convey the right tone. Totally agree with what you say though, thanks very much for the praise!

  8. James Hind says:

    Thanks Blues, have had quite a few American cyclists contact me since we posted it, we’re hoping the message spreads to drivers over there too. Obviously they have a different highway code, but a lot of it still applies.

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