Ted Johnson (me) on The Outspoken Cyclist

I was interviewed on The Outspoken Cyclist last week, and the interview went live over the weekend.

Ted on the Outspoken CyclistFeeling obliged to be likewise outspoken as a guest, I asked Diane Lees permission in advance if I can say ass on her show. That’s just the kind of rebel I am.

I received her permission (by way of the FCC). This opened the possibility to say one of my favorite stock phrases about living car-free. You’ll have to listen to hear it. (How’s that for building the supense?)

While trying to sound smart, I also copped to quoting directly from Tom Bowden’s, “How to Talk about Cycling to a Conservative.”

Also interviewed in the show is Rodney Hendrickson, the ride director of The Redbud Ride in London, Kentucky.

Diane has previously interviewed Josh Lipton, publisher of Commute by Bike, and Melanie Meyers-Colavito, a contributor and editor of our sibling blog, Utility Cycling.

Here’s my interview:

How did I do?

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5 thoughts on “Ted Johnson (me) on The Outspoken Cyclist”

  1. Karen says:

    You were great, Ted! Great points about how liberals often communicate about bike commuting. Talking to (most)conservatives about reducing your carbon footprint just isn’t going to get you very far. But talking about a more efficient use of taxpayer’s transportation dollars just might be.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Let me tell you how easy it was to moderate a comment that begins, “You were great, Ted!”

  2. Scott says:

    Oh…and it enjoyed the interview too!

  3. BluesCat says:

    Great interview, Ted.

    But, of course, you’re preaching to the choir there at The Outspoken Cyclist, too! Whenever I’M talking to a right-leaning person, no matter WHAT language I’m using, I always feel like their internal conversation is going something like this:

    “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, so, okay, you dumb, anachronistic, anarchistic, over-the-hill hippie, when you’re done with your rant, can you use those formidable IT data-mining skills to find the cheapest gas in town for my Mercedes? Why can’t you get it through your socialist, recreational-drug-addled head that REAL AMERICANS DRIVE CARS, and not some silly little Third World POS toy that requires you to pedal your A$$ off in order to get anywhere … really … slowly … and in MY way?!?”

  4. Tom Bowden says:

    You done good Ted! I foresee a carreer for you in late night television – they always need someone who can show up and deliver a cogent interview with a self deprecating story or two on short notice – you know how it goes: “Jay – bad news – Pitt’s in Africa pickin’ up a new bambino for Angie……Yeah, yeah we tried Hanks – he’s on location with Spielberg. What’s that? Nah, Robin Williams was on Conan last week and he’s on Fallon tomorrow…..No, I think Charles Nelson Reilly’s dead actually……OK OK OK, but if I can’t get the chipmunks, I’m gonna call that bike commuter guy with the trailer and the goofy bike with the little wheels – he speaks in sentences and he cracks me up every time. Bike commuter! ROFLMFAO_OMG!

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