The Best Cycling Photos. Ever.

That’s a bold statement. However, I feel confident asserting that we’ve collected some very lovely cycling photos, and many of them will be featured in the 2012-2013 Revolution Cycles calendar. Fans of Revolution Cycles, a bicycle retailer in the Washington, DC metro area, submitted more than one hundred photos from all over the world, and we’re asking for your help to determine which of these fantastic shots will make it into this year’s calendar.

2012-2013 Revolution Cycles Calendar Photo Contest

How do you get involved in this incredibly exciting photo contest? Simply follow the link to Revolution Cycles’ Facebook page and start “liking” your favorite images.

Revolution Cycles is proud to support a number of spectacular events, including Ride2Recovery and the Air Force Cycling Classic, and many of these great events are featured in the photo submissions. So get after it! Take a look at some of our favorites below and cast your vote for the cycling photos that inspire, intrigue and invigorate you. The deadline to vote is Wednesday, February 15th at 5PM EST, so don’t delay!

2012-2013 Revolution Cycles Calendar Photo Contest2012-2013 Revolution Cycles Calendar Photo Contest2012-2013 Revolution Cycles Calendar Photo Contest2012-2013 Revolution Cycles Calendar Photo Contest

Thanks for playing, and be sure to encourage everyone that you know (as well as people that you don’t know) to vote! We’ll be looking at this calendar for the next twelve months, so we want to include the finest selections from our many worthy submissions.

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  2. A New Bike says:

    I don’t care for bicycles but I do like to enjoy a Peep from time to time.

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