Chinese Utility Bikes

Editor’s Note: We are very pleased to be able to feature the photography of Paul Jeurissen in this guest post here at Utility Cycling. Paul & his partner Grace Johnson are bicycling around the world in search of beautiful images of bicycles. The following text and images were contributed by Paul & Grace, and we do hope you enjoy! You can learn more about them and their adventures at their website. – MelanieBiography:In 2010 photographer Paul Jeurissen & his partner Grace Johnson started on a multi-year bike trip titled; Bicycling around the world in search of inspiring cycle images. The challenge will be to photograph the different cycle cultures around the world, and also the feeling of traveling by bicycle; unexpected adventures, contact with other cultures and cycling through monumental scenery. www.bicyclingaroundtheworld.nlEven though many Chinese have traded their bicycles in for electric scooters – the cargo bike still lives on. Its a favorite way to transport goods around town, especially through narrow streets and pedestrian areas. Women love the bike since it is lightweight, can easily be pushed over sidewalk curbs and they can set up their market stall in the back end.

Left: Heading off to the marketRight: Taking a nap

Bicycle repair transport bike

Left: Watermelon transportRight: Since the chairs werent tied to the bike, he was very carefully pushing it.

The lightest load of all; toilet paper

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Utility Bikes”

  1. Hi there,
    I lived in China for five years and am now writing a book about my experiences. I want to include some great images of transport bikes in China. Is it possible to get permission to reprint some of your photos from China? I will, of course, credit you below each photo used. Would you charge a fee for this?

    Thank you,
    Lindsey Salatka

    1. Hi Lindsey,
      You will need to contact Paul directly to ask about photo use permission. His contact information can be found on this website:

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