Month: May 2012

Walk Home and Declare Victory

Yesterday I went on a six- or seven-mile ride with my stepdaughter. The destination was a local health club with an indoor pool. Before jumping into the pool, I ran two miles on a treadmill. I watched the first 20 minutes of a Harry Potter film. (Do the math. Yes, that’s how fast I run…

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David's Rolling Chariot

With our amazing deals on 2011 and 2012 Chariots going on through May 28th, I thought I would highlight this customer photo of David out enjoying his Chariot CX2. Not only our the Chariots great for cycling with your kids, they are great multi-use carriers for strolling, jogging, hiking, cross-country skiing and in this case…

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The Day Before Bike to Work Day

National Bike to Work Week: Day Four. And I didn’t commute by bike on days one through three. What!? You say. Tell us it isn’t true, Glorious Leader! Please stop calling me “Glorious Leader.” It’s embarrassing. But this is why I didn’t bike to work for three days: That majestic animal is Howard Bishop. I…

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Choosing the Right Wrench

BluesCat is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, who originally returned to bicycling in 2002 in order to help his son get the Boy Scout Cycling merit badge. His bikes sat idle until the summer of 2008 when gas prices spiked at over $4.00 per gallon. Since then, he has become active cycling, day-touring, commuting by…

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Fabian's BOB Trailer, Motorized Bicycle Adventure

Fabian has previously submitted photos of his bike cargo trailer, his train of bike trailers and a video as well  all hooked up to his gas-motor/hybrid.  Fabian took to the mountains with his bike and a BOB Ibex for a great adventure. The story regarding these photos is best told by viewing the web link:…

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