Replacement Parts for Kidarooz Trailers

Via Email:

I have a Kidarooz and need another axle mount adapter. My bikes have quick release hubs and the piece I am looking for slips between the axle and chain stay. There is a square metal bar to which the trailer attaches do you sell this part and if so how do I go about ordering it?

A little background here. Our understanding of the brand of Kidarooz bike child trailers is that it is a sub-brand of Croozer. Croozer is a brand of bike child trailers that is owned in partnership with Chariot (now owned by Thule). Chariot/Thule is the distributor of Croozer in the US.

With all of that in context, lets get down to using Croozer parts for Kidarooz. We have never sold Kidarooz through our shop so cannot verify exactly which Croozer parts will work on which models of Kidarooz. That said, it sounds like you need the Croozer bike trailer hitch.

Taking a look at the Kidarooz website, it appears from their instruction manual that some of their trailers utilize what looks like the Croozer Alternative Hitch to mount to the chainstay of the bike. I would recommend that you have a look at both of these hitches in order to get the correct part.

Croozer Bike Kid Trailer HitchCroozer Bike Trailer Alternative Hitch

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16 thoughts on “Replacement Parts for Kidarooz Trailers”

  1. Kara Demontiney says:

    Hi i have a red kidarooz double baby trailer and it can be come a strolller and a bike trailer so I need the little front wheel and the bar attachment that makes it a stroller and its width is twentyone inches

  2. Nick Wallace says:

    I need a wheel bearing for a Kidarooz bike trailer. Please let me know if you can help.

  3. Kerri DeLano says:

    Hi I ave a kid a rooz bike trailer and need a new canvas can I buy one?,

    1. Matt Duffin says:


      Thank you for the comment!

      Kid-a-rooz has been discontinued and we won’t be able to get the cover you need.



  4. Nicole Lobbes says:

    Hello i need a cycling kit for my kidarooz trailer for my bike how much and how do i purchase

    1. Matt Duffin says:


      Thank you for the comment.

      This might be hard to find since Kidarooz is no longer around. We have has some success with Croozer pieces fitting. Can you email us at with pictures? and I can try to see if we can get you a new cycling kit.


  5. Erica Wolf says:

    I am looking for the piece that connects the front stroller wheel to the carriage. I have the wheel but can’t find the piece that connects the wheel. Thank you!

    1. Matt Duffin says:


      Thank you for the comment.

      This might be hard to find since Kidarooz is no longer around. Can you email us at with pictures? and I can try to see if we can get you what you need.


  6. Raecine Romero says:

    Where can I find the pieces that connect to the bike? It just looks like a stroller right now I need it to be a bike trailer.

    1. Matt Duffin says:


      Thank you for the comment.

      Can you send us a picture of the trailer to We may be able to help you but will need to see the trailer.


  7. T.Nichols says:

    I’m trying to get the wheel fixed but can’t find the right sized nut. Do you sell the correct size pitch nut for the wheel bearing?

    1. Josh Lipton says:

      That’s not something we carry.

  8. Lucy F says:

    Hey – I need a handlebar for a double Kidarooz. Would a croozer one work? Also… anyone with a non-functional trailer interested in selling me theirs?


  9. Heather Dawson says:

    I am in need of the plastic part that the wheel attaches to in front to make it a strooler. It got bent and now when I am trying to use it as stroller the wheel bends forward.

    Thank you!


  10. Mark Warren says:

    I recently replaced the original Kidarooz 535 clamp-on hitch (aka the [Croozer Alternative Hitch]( here) with the [Sunlite Trailer Hitch Complete]( kit. The hitch was a simple drop-in replacement of the original and the bicycle axle mount is included in the US$15-$20 kit. FWIW, [IKEA’s SLADDA bicycle trailer]( uses the same hitch.

    Just a slight correction to Josh’s original history. According to a [Croozer]( representative, the [Kidarooz]( was a bike trailer built for Costco by Chariot using a design under license based on the Croozer 535. It appears that 2007 was the final year that Costco commissioned the Kidarooz trailers.

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