Cargo Trailer Prototype Screen Tests

I’m involved in a soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter project for a new bike cargo trailer.

Yesterday I was in video production mode, and set up the shot where Josh will speak inspiringly about the trailer, and the project.

I put myself in the shot to frame things. My co-worker Robert was used as a stand-in for Josh because his height and complexion is more similar to Josh than is mine. He did more than stand in.

We didn’t intend to use this video, but, well…

I’ll let you know when the project launches. We’re pretty excited about it.

Creative Commons License Foxy Groove by Recca Phoenix is licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 2.5)

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One thought on “Cargo Trailer Prototype Screen Tests”

  1. Garron says:

    I’ve contributed to a few incubation projects and am familiar with the elation and despair that the team deals with. More so with the designer and leader of the project. When it finally goes to production and market I always remember many more smiles than tears and no matter what the ultimate outcome it was always worth every minute.
    This being an alteration of a previous design takes some of the edge off it is still very exciting and am looking to owning one of the first off the line. So please hurry up Josh, the rainy season is approaching here in Bellingham. Cheers to everyone!!

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