Bike Portraits & Blurred Boundaries

While we focus on utility cycling – or ways to use your bicycle that aren’t for sport or recreation – here at this site, I often feel inclined to argue that the boundaries between utility, recreational, and sport cycling are often blurry. Heck, who even needs boundaries? In my personal opinion, you can be a bike racer, bike lover, and bike user all wrapped up in one awesome package. Obviously, personal choices dictate how you choose to use your bike, but many of us blur the boundaries again and again. I am a bike racer. I am a utility cyclist. I am a bike lover. The video below, which I found over at seems to highlight that message. It’s a series of bike portraits of people who work at the bike company Santa Cruz, and from what I can tell, many of them blur the boundaries, as well. Don’t we all? Happy riding this weekend. How We Roll – Bike Portraits from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo

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One thought on “Bike Portraits & Blurred Boundaries”

  1. ladyfleur says:

    I agree. There are many people on bikes that don’t fall neatly into any category. Like me, who rides city bikes in dresses to work and lycra or baggies on the weekend.

    But what struck me most about this video is the lack of women in the video. Given the large number of men (and dogs) featured I found this very disappointing. No wonder I often find bike-related products, especially sport related ones, don’t meet my needs.

    Is Santa Cruz Bicycles a more dog-friendly workplace than female-friendly? Please tell me the women were all out sick that day.

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