World's Top Selling Car Converted to a Bike Trailer

I’m always watching for tipping points; those moments when the tide turns and previously resistant adopters of cycling start to embrace pedal power.

I looked over and saw my co-worker, Molly, looking at the image below.

I called dibs.

The photo was sent to us via the submission form on Bike Trailer Blog, a little sleeper of a blog that’s part of our blogging empire.

Cosy Coupe Bike Trailer
It’s all about the imprinting

I said, “Molly, what you are looking at is the world’s best selling car.” I was drawing on a vague memory that the Cosy Coupe has outsold all other cars for more than 20 years.

I looked it up. Yes: Little Tikes has sold more than six million Cosy Coupes since 2004. And that distant memory was likely from a report on NPR’s All Thing Considered in 2009:

The Little Tikes factory in Hudson, Ohio, runs 24 hours a day, cranking out a Cozy Coupe [sic] every minute. Sales have remained strong, moving more than 450,000 of these cute plastic cars every year in the U.S. That’s more than the runners-up in the sales race: the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.

If the world’s top selling car can be converted for use with a bike, why not them all?

The man in the picture is Andrew, and he said this about his bike child trailer conversion:

This timber trailer was designed to carry a Cosy Coupe children’s car. The timber is taken from old pallets, it is very strong and can easily hold my own weight, around 12 stone [168 lbs.].

Concerns about safety, engineering, and termites aside, I’m encouraged any time I see that a child is being psychologically imprinted with human-powered forms of transportation as opposed to automobiles. (See “Countering Cuddly Car Characters“)

When a kid grows up seeing his or her parents using a bike for transportation — even if it is from the inside of a plastic toy car — that kid has a better-than-average chance of not being assimilated into the broader car-compulsory culture.

However, I am a little worried about the tipping point of that DIY trailer.

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5 thoughts on “World's Top Selling Car Converted to a Bike Trailer”

  1. ZachBG says:

    I hate to do this, but when acknowledging an error in quoted text, it’s [sic], not [stet].

    – The Cycling Grammarian

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Oops! I knew that! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Jeff Gardner says:

    Tough crowd.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      The sad thing is, that’s the kind of thing I pride myself in getting right. If someone attacks me on the substance of my writing, it hurts less.

  3. mrrbob says:

    I see this and I feel I must point something out here. This looks fun for the little kids but it is in fact dangerous for them to ride in something like this without a helmet and eye protection.

    I do not see a helmet or eye protection on the child in the little car/trailer.

    Kids don’t like waring safety glasses much, they will pull them off, so this car could maybe be fitted with a windshield to keep the little stones out of the child’s face.

    Bike tires actually pick up a lot of small particles and tiny stones and kick them up behind the bike as it travels.

    The child is getting a barrage of these right in the face. Not so good. Safety has to be pointed out and must be taken as responsibility by adults here.

    I would rebuild this trailer using a permanent mounted (bolted in) child’s car seat with safety belts for the child. Ad in a roll bar or roll cage so if there is an accident the child does not suffer the fate of their head meeting the road. Then place this little car body over the top of it. I build and race cars and see everything through the eyes of safety and always ask myself, “how safe can I make this”.

    There is simply no such thing as “too much safety” when it comes to our children. Don’t want to be a downer here but this type of trailer “as pictured” is just not acceptable.

    Hope you publish this as I’m sure a lot of people will read this article and if they do consider building one of these it should be built properly or not at all.

    If any one does build such a thing please make certain your child at least is wearing a bike helmet when in such a trailer.

    Adults are killed due to accidents at bike speeds where they fall or run into something and suffer head injury or broken necks, this happened to a local doctor in my city recently. He is now paralyzed from the neck down. This was a single bike accident where he fell off his bike alone on a local bike trail and broke his neck.

    The absolute maximum consideration for safety must be given to our children if such a trailer is ever built and used. If you are contemplating building such a thing seek out local race car builders.

    Most small and larger towns have local race tracks so there should be local people with experience building race cars, they know safety and will no doubt be glade to advise you or even help you to safely construct such a trailer for your child.

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