Cher is 'Sic of these IDIOTS' (Friday Roundup)

For those of you who don’t follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, Google Plus, etc.: Are you working or something?

This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

"Tactical" advertising. We prefer the Extrawheel Advert.

Don't take out a cyclist. Well, you could take one out on a date, but don't take one out like this.

Imagery is key! Messaging in any marketing campaign should be that cycling is Safe, Diverse, Accessible and Fun.

Cher the Road

This one requires a little context:

First, Cher tweeted this:

FKNG bike riders on PCH! I HATE THEM ! Almost got in accident AGAIN ! Sic of these IDIOTS! Pull in front of u & theres nowhere 2 go!

I heard about it when Cyclelicious posted this to Facebook:

In response to an anti-cyclist Tweet rant by the diva:

And I responded directly to Cher’s Twitter account:

My response to Cher

I’m sure she was devastated. You know how entertainers hate attention.

More on Cher’s tweetrant here.

Bike share data turned into art.

We check all of our Mission Workshop bags for stowaways:

Electric bike trailers are pretty awesome. Making your own is also pretty awesome.

Tim’s Electric Bike Trailers

Twelve Car-Free City Zones

Support Biking by Opposing Bus Rapid Transit?

Side note: Hemingway liked mojitos, which makes it NOT a chick drink.

Hemingway Quote

$4.63 gallon!

Pro Walk Pro Bike 2012

Interbike 2012 City Fashion Show

I decided against including this in yesterday's post on electric cars, but it's worth a look. -Ted

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10 thoughts on “Cher is 'Sic of these IDIOTS' (Friday Roundup)”

  1. BluesCat says:

    Okay, so now you’ll see why I don’t Tweet or Facebook: it’s because most of those who DO are such … frigging … bung … heads that I resort to being a Totally Honest Politically Incorrect, Take-No-Prisoners Commenter.

    Cher is such a … frakking … Has Been. Once her looks left her, her ex-husband bought it by communing with a tree on a ski slope, and her daughter became a GUY, the only thing she has left is to cruise around town and bad mouth all the other legal occupants of the roadway.

    Here’s a clue Cherie, Baby: without bicyclists, you wouldn’t have a paved road to travel on in your luxury car as if you OWNED it; which, BTW, YOU DON’T.

    (Note to CbB editors: You have never deleted one of my comments on the grounds of offensiveness. Should you feel compelled to nix this one because you DO find it offensive, I will totally understand. I got it off my chest just, and feel much better, just by typing it out.)

  2. Sam Hull says:

    I’m not arguing any of your point, but as an lgbt reader of this blog and as a cyclist, I think the jab at Cher’s transgender son is too much. So much of this blog revolves around acceptance of a lifestyle. Those of us who see our very being too often relegated to lifestyle can’t help but feel this jab and feel a little less welcome with such sentiments. I ask that you look into transgender issues and try understanding why some of our brothers and sisters will never be as fortunate as Chaz nor will they ever get to be so brave. It really is not so simple as the callous description above.

  3. BluesCat says:

    Sam – I should clarify: Cher is such a hypocrite. She pretends to embrace all of these more liberal philosophies but, when the rubber meets the road and she has to open her $600 million pocketbook, she makes sure to grab a seat on the Super Conservative Bus (actually, it isn’t a BUS, it’s an exclusive LIMO).

    My comment was directed only at HER, and NOT other members of the LGBT community. You’ll note I simply said “her daughter became a GUY,” which is a simple statement of FACT and does not contain any personal opinion regarding the morality of the LGBT lifestyle.

    If you ARE interested in my opinion of the LGBT lifestyle, it is simply this: it’s not for ME, but if it floats YOUR boat and doesn’t violate any of rules and laws heterosexuals must follow (no children, ALL the consenting adults must agree to the activity, nothing kinky enough to be dangerous, etc.) … go for it.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      Hmmm… BluesCat. I’m conflicted. Bail you out, or be entertained as you dig yourself in deeper?

      In your original comment, one might think that you are inferring a causal link between Cher losing her looks, her ex-husband’s subsequent unfortunate and fatal skiing accident, and their daughter’s subsequent physical and social gender transition from female to male.

      I don’t see causation here. And only one of the subsequent events (the skiing accident) is a tragedy. The references to her looks, her ex, and her child didn’t really make any sense in your comment, other than to demonstrate you know some Cher trivia.

      Even though you practically begged me to delete your comment, I let it though because my weakness is that I delight in seeing celebrity culture kicked around. Entertainers are likely to be as uninformed outside their area of expertise as anyone else is — and what they say and do outside of their work deserves as much attention and discussion as we would give a dishwasher’s thoughts on quantum physics.

      In my view, the tragedy here is that anyone outside of her family and personal friends would care what Cher — or any entertainer — thinks or tweets about cyclists. She’s just another uninformed motorist without the imagination to think of how much worse it would be on many levels if all those “idiots” were in cars. The only difference is that she’s an uninformed motorist with nearly a million followers on Twitter.

  4. BluesCat says:

    Yeah, I knew when I started writing the original post that I was probably getting too obtuse to get my point across. (Chalk it up to fury at her brain-dead tweeties.)

    I wasn’t trying to form a causal relationship between the faded looks, dead hubby, and transgendered offspring. I was trying to use them as separate examples of how her wealth insulates her from having a clue about real life as MOST of us live it, and further causes her to feel justified in her rant about some bicyclists who got in the way of her speeding along with her Wealthy Life.

    MOST people who have a career with good looks as a job requirement LOSE their careers as they get older. But her riches have allowed Plastic Fantastic Cher to transcend any need to keep her looks. And even though she’s a diva long past her expiration date, she has the money to magically make herself look 30 years younger and indulge her narcissistic whim to stay in the game if she wants.

    MOST divorced women I know would be devastated if their ex were to meet an untimely demise, especially women of Cher’s age; not only because most of them still have feelings for the guy, but also because they have a real need for the alimony and/or child support. Knowing how much Cher had trashed Sonny in years past, Chaz was astounded by Cher’s display of grief when Sonny hit that tree. I think this quote from a 2010 Daily Mail article says it all about Sonny’s REAL importance to her and how she REALLY felt: “But even though their relationship left her hurt ‘in so many ways’, she has now forgiven him and said she would have stayed by his side if he had managed their business affairs better.” In other words “Waaaah! He was a BAD husband because he didn’t make me rich ENOUGH!”

    Lastly, MOST people couldn’t readily afford the expense, both emotional AND financial, of sexual reassignment. NO PROBLEM for Cher’s musically mediocre offspring, though, when Mummy has a net worth in the nine figure range. Heck, Mom could probably BUY the hospital and every psychiatrist and surgeon in it … just for Chaz!

    As you can see by the examples, with CherieBaby it’s all about HER and what SHE wants and what SHE “deserves.” The thought never occurs to her to tweet “Almost hit some bicyclists on the PCH! Need to put some $ into creating a good bike lane for ’em! Who wants to add to the pot?” No, she feels justified in teeing up a vowel-less swear fest about those “omg Urrr! Yuck—” BICYCLISTS who get in her RICH, ROYAL way.

    I wonder how many of the cyclists she almost hit were bike commuters trying to save enough money so they could buy groceries? Probably not many on the PCH, unless they were Cher’s butler and maid.

    See why I hate Twitter? Not NEARLY enough room to fully explain this.

  5. JaimeRoberto says:

    I’ve seen enough of his comments to realize that in the future everyone will be offended by BluesCat for 15 minutes. My apologies to Andy Warhol.

    1. Ted Johnson says:

      In the future everyone will be offended by BluesCat for 15 minutes.

      Quote of the day.

  6. BluesCat says:

    That’s a good ‘un, Jaime … Wait a minute … ONLY 15 MINUTES?!? What a TRUE insult to the offensive capabilities of The BluesCat!!!

    Jaime! WHAT UNIVERSE R U IN ! I am SO OOC— !

  7. Graham says:

    Remember back in the day when everyone, from the filthy rich to the regularly filthy could just look past their own particular pet peeves and annoyances in an effort to get along relatively peacefully?

    Yeah, me neither. 😉

  8. Donna says:

    Ok, time to wrap it up.

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