'A lifetime of being active can begin on the way to school' (Friday Roundup)

For those of you who don’t follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, Google Plus, etc.: Are you working or something?

This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

"[R]esponses in this video are compiled from surveys and conversations with parents at meetings and informal discussions."

David's "Little Red Trailer"

Wandertec TUBA and a Chariot Corsaire loaded up and on the way to Amelia's 1st birthday party!

"The inexpensive and convenient mode of transportation has once again caught on in Italy – just ask Monica Bellucci." And this is from an Auto Industry publication.

Brent Toderian: It's Not About The Bike Or Car -- It's About Better Cities

Fun bicycle animation

Not tooting our own horn but.... we have the best customers. And products. Toot, toot!

The Cyclocross Diet.

Detroit's Urban Bikeway

Portland State University to study e-bikes & sustainable transportation system!

Could You Give Up Your Car for 30 Days? EVELO Will Trade You an Electric Bicycle for Your Keys:

Xtracycle profiled in SF Chronicle today

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One thought on “'A lifetime of being active can begin on the way to school' (Friday Roundup)”

  1. Shanna Ladd says:

    Lots of very interesting information!

    On the topic of parents, children and active lifestyle: materialism is often the deciding factor in home buying & choice of transportation. Family’s are then a slave to that big house (for 30 years!) and fancy car, and have to work long hours to keep them (instead of spending time with kids).
    Here’s hoping families start prioritizing what matters: their children.
    Glad to see someone out there helping to address the issues. (my grandparents lived in a dug out and had a wonderful life!)

    Its always refreshing to see positive and fun biking information because the irrational fears and comments are quite abundant in our society.

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