Attaching Bike Trailers to Trikes

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We recently purchased a recumbent trike with two wheels in the back and one in the front. We would like to get a trailer for our 20 lb Westie. Do they make such a thing to fit the trike? Appreciate your help

It’s not so much a matter of finding a trailer made for a trike than adapting a trailer for your trike.

The problem, as you’ve probably figured out, is that if you attach a two-wheeled bike trailer to your bike’s left rear wheel, the trailer’s left rear wheel sticks out even further.

The goal is to find a way to attach the hitch arm behind the trike roughly where the hitch would be on a two-wheel bike custom bracket. Do that, and the Bike Dog Trailer world is your playground.

But it may be easier to buy a trailer first, and then make a custom bracket to work with the hitch system of your trailer. (rather than making a universal bracket to accomodate any potential dog trailer).

We’ve seen this done before with cargo trailers, such as a Wandertec Bongo, or a Burly Nomad but you get the idea. See the attached photos.

We recommend a Burly Tail Wagon dog trailer, because the hitch system (the same as the Burley Nomad) will be easier to adapt. Here is a photo from a Flickr user showing a Burley Nomad on his recumbent trike.

Let is know how it goes, and send photos.

Via Email:

My trike is a delta with one wheel in front, it is a Hase Kettweisel with 20 inch wheels and am considering either a Croozer or a BOB trailer. Since the attachment point is 8 inches off the ground I need to know what the clearance is for both trailers. When the trailer is attached to a 26″ wheel bike what is the clearance at the lowest point of the trailer? The connection that will be used for the trailer is the “tandem connector” (where a second bike’s fork is attached). The tandem connector is 8″ off the ground and is essentially like a front hub.

The bob Ibex trailer when mounted to a 26″ mountain bike has about 10 inches of clearance at the front right behind where the fork attaches to the trailer frame. Lowest point would be the rear of the trailer where it meets the 16″ wheel, that clearance is about 8.5 -9″.

The Croozer Cargo has about 8 inches of clearance attached to the same bike measured right where the tow arm mounts to the trailer. Most 2 wheeled trailers will have a very similar measurement being they are all similarly designed. The lowest measurement for this will be determined by the wheel size of the bike and the location it mounts to. But with a 26″ wheeled bike mounted directly under the hub the trailer sits level and has the same 8″ clearance all the way back.



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One thought on “Attaching Bike Trailers to Trikes”

  1. Alan Rankin says:

    WIKE bicycle trailer made me a hitch to fit my 24 inch Belize Capri trike. They sent me a hitch used to attach trailer to bike seat post. I attached it to the trike support bar (at the very bottom) of the trike. I used a 1 inch diameter by 2 inch heater hose from Lowes to make the hitch fit snug. Works well for me and should work for other similarly designed trikes like Schwinn Meridian. Hope this helps someone else!

    Alan Rankin

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