Month: October 2012

Don't Make It About The Bike

Lately I’ve been walking to work more often than biking. I realized recently that if I just walk our two dogs (Howard and Skully) to work with me, it takes less time than when I walk them first, leave them at home, and then commute by bike. (It’s a 35-minute walk commute vs. a 25-minute…

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Nuno's Muddy BOB-Aided Adventure: Round Two

Nuno has been busy touring his home country of Portugal by bike.  Last time he checked in he was busy BOB-ing the local National Park, wine in tow.  Nuno’s most recent adventure took him and his trusty BOB from Entroncamento to Castelo de Bode – an approximate 20 mi. (30 km) ride.  “The weather was…

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Scott's Trailer-Cycle Build

Another inventive Burley Trailer-Cycle / Adams Trail-A-Bike inspired build! Here is Scott’s version: I modified a Bob Yak trailer fork to use as a trail-a-bike attachment which allows my son to ride next to me on the trails, then I can re-attach him when we get to busier areas. I’ll be adding some pannier racks…

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