Chariot Sale! Inspirational Photos

    Select 2011 and 2012 Chariots are now 25 – 35% off at BikeKidShop! Specific pricing details listed at bottom of page. And there are 51 shopping days til Christmas. And we’ve already told you how awesome Chariot is as a company. Need or want more reasons to buy yours today? Well. Just look at how fun it is.

Smiles + Sunshine + Helmets = Fun!

Twice the children? Twice the fun!

Have a more ambitious lifestyle than the rest of us?

….Or are you exactly like the rest of us?

Still don’t believe us? Well you should. Because here’s the official BikeShopHub baby having the time of her life in hers! Mission accomplished. Click here to buy yours today!

2011 models on sale: Cougar1 $439.99 // CX1 $619.99

2012 models on sale: Cabriolet $399.99 // CX1 $709.99 // CX2 $749.99

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