Recommendations on and Alternatives to Seatpost-Mounted Racks

Via e-mail:

I’m in the market for a new bike rack and I’m not finding reviews on them. Specifically seat post racks. Are there any reviews I may be missing?


There don’t seem to be any seatpost rack reviews on Commute by Bike from my tenure or before.

My Delta seatpost rack has stays on each side for mounting panniers. They weren’t very useful for panniers (because the stays are were so short), and they tended to rub against the tire because the rack had a hard time staying perfectly centered over the wheel.

Bottom line: Don’t get a seatpost rack with stays. The convenience is eliminated by the finicky centering issue. So either get a seatpost rack with a just a flat deck (such as a Delta Cycle Megarack Post Haste which I have not used, so don’t take that necessarily as a recommendation), or get a standard rear rack.

Also: Seatpost mounted racks also have limited weight capacity usually about 20 pounds.

Here are some interesting alternatives to a seatpost mounted racks from Bike Bag Shop:

Revelate Designs Pika Seat Bag
It’s like a saddle bag with the capacity of a rack-top bag no rack necessary.
Revelate Designs Pika Seat Bag

Vaude Offroad Trunk Bag Medium
I’ve used one of these, and liked it. It attaches and removes very easily (much more easily than the Delta seatpost racks), but it only carries up to nine pounds.

Vaude Offroad Trunk Bag Medium

Banjo Brothers Minnehaha Medium Saddle Bag
This is a 650-cubic-inch saddle bag, but probably not a great choice if you are doing any rough, bouncy riding.

Banjo Brothers Minnehaha Medium Saddle Bag

$69.99 Seatpost Rack with Stays

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