Month: January 2013

Charley's Giant Xtracycle

According to Charley: This was an unfinished project using a Giant cruiser frame and Xtracycle. A little challenging to mount a stop and cable slot under the crank for front derailer, but otherwise routine. This bike is really Giant! Charley also added Xtracycle Freeloader Saddlebags and SnapDeck for extra cargo carrying capabilities.

Honk if you're Horn-Envious

If the price were right, and installation was easy and unobtrusive, I’m still not sure I’d want a horn on my bike (or anyody’s bike) that sounds like a car horn. I’m wrestling with the idea (perhaps the same way I wrestled with e-bikes just a few years ago, and came out okay with them,…

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Bill's "Carpool" & Cargo Bike Trailer Build

Is one of your New Years resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle, bike more, be more “green” or even spend more time tinkering around with your new tools in the garage? …or old tools that look new because you never use them…Bill accomplished all these in 2012: I built up a semi-custom trailer off of…

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