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Streetfilms has another good review of the recent National Bike Summit, which covers the theme of “Bikes Mean Business.” Bicycling is good for the economy in a number of ways, and many of the people who appear in the video emphasize this important fact. Given that federal funding is going through a bit of an upheaval, it’s important to show members of Congress the important contributions bicycling can make to the economy. The video is a nice review of the Bike Summit, and if you look carefully at about 8 seconds in, you can spy Ted Johnson of our sister site Commute by Bike perusing some Bike Summit materials. And be sure to check out his coverage of the Bike Summit here, here, here, and here.National Bike Summit 2013 from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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One thought on “More National Bike Summit”

  1. Ted Johnson says:

    Well what do you know!

    That glimpse of me was during what I call the “blind date” portion of the Summit. All of the delegates from Arizona were having a powwow in advance of lobbying Congress the following day.

    You can’t tell, but I was delivering a pep talk to the delegates who kind of felt like they were left twisting in the wind — only two appointments with Congress (1 Senate, 1 House). It was a blind date, because none of us knew any of the others in the delegation, and nobody seemed to be in charge.

    What happened will be the subject of a forthcoming Commute by Bike post.

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