Month: March 2013

JSK: 'What's good for Trek is good for America'

Janette Sadik-Khan is the rock star of transportation bureaucrats, not just because she is the current Commissioner of the Department of Transportation in America’s largest city. But that has something to do with it. Embarrassing confession: I’ve passed up the opportunity to see Sadik-Khan two previous times. I mean, how exciting could a transportation bureaucrat…

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Troubleshooting Bionx Kits

Via e-mail: My BionX Li-Mn 36v power system seems to be dead. I cannot get it charged by either the plug-in charger or pedal action. Please advise. It was resourceful of you to try to charge your battery using regeneration, but BionX warns that you should “not attempt to ride the bicycle to revive…

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Rick's Ortlieb-Assisted Epic Tour

Rick, of feather plumage fame, has updated photos of his journey bike touring (a portion of) “America the Beautiful.” Cut it down to 9000 miles, the track from April to November was (roughly): Portland, Oregon – Death Valley – Mount Rushmore – Central Texas – St. Augustine, Florida – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – New Orleans. My…

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Loko: One Rack to Rule Them All

I haven’t been in the cycling industry too many years, but I’ve already seen some proprietary systems for racks and accessories that attempt to lure you into a particular brand’s inbred family. These are racks and bags that work best with sibling products. Racktime has it’s Snapit system, and Thule has it’s Pack n Pedal…

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Seth's Pugsley BOB-Sled

While we’re getting a taste of Spring this week in Flagstaff, apparently it’s still snowing in some parts of the country. According to Seth in Maine: I pedaled a Surly Pugsley into the northern end of Baxter State Park in Maine hauling a converted BOB trailer. Where the trailer wheel goes, I mounted an old…

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