Bike Shop Hub Moves to Tucson

Well, we did it. We packed up and loaded all of our inventory and equipment, and we moved Bike Shop Hub to Tucson, Arizona.Flagstaff Warehouse PackingIt took us most of a week to pack up our inventory. We spun cocoons of plastic wrap around our shelves until we were dizzy from walking around in circles.On Saturday we loaded five big trucks and left Flagstaff on Sunday morning.By late morning on Sunday, the trucks were being unloaded in Tucson, and the warehouse shelving was starting to climb to the ceiling.We now have more than double the space we had in Flagstaff, and we are located in a great year-round cycling town. We are just starting to explore Tucson — and sometimes getting a little lost. Flagstaff was a good home to the business. Flagstaff is where Josh Lipton, the founder of Bike Shop Hub grew up and learned to love bicycles.Here are some photos of our moving process, 20 percent logistical genius, and 80 percent brute labor.

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One thought on “Bike Shop Hub Moves to Tucson”

  1. mike says:

    Welcome to Tucson! I ordered from you all last summer pre-bike tour. Excellent service. Let me know if you need any assistance. Oh and I am opening a brewery downtown. Ill buy you a beer when we open!

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