"Stoopid Tall" Bike at CicLAvia

This video has gone viral lately, and it’s no surprise. When you weld together a bunch of metal into a ridiculously tall bike and parade it around at CicLAvia, that’s the Cyclovia event in LA, you’re bound to get some attention. Streetsblog and Huffington Post have great articles about the newly crowned “King of CicLAvia” created by Richie Trimble. The bike is 14.5 feet tall to the seat and 17 feet tall to eye level. Honestly, it totally freaks me out, but I’d love to ride the thing too…maybe with training wheels? Anyhow, perhaps the best part of the video is the perspective of CicLAvia it provides. Every Cyclovia needs a video with this bird’s eye view!Speaking of Cyclovia events, Tucson is having its second event in 2013 this Sunday! Check out photos from the last event, and look for more in the near future. Happy riding!

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