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There is possibly nothing that sums up the spirit of Utility Cycling better than a bike move. Having recently moved – though not by bike, since it was to a different city – I am still reeling from the amount of waste a move creates. Cardboard, gas, money, donuts, your back, you name it. And I literally went weeks without riding my bike – at all – during my recent move. So needless to say, I think bike moves are the way to go, at least when you are moving within the same city or area. They are a great way to get the move done, build community, and have fun at the same time.But needless to say, the thought of a bike move may be intimidating for even the seasoned utility cyclist. I’d imagine that’s part of what inspired Steph Routh to edit a book about bike moves. She’s a seasoned bike mover, who has helped with more than 60 bikes moves. And she’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help with printing costs for a larger publishing run of the book. If you’re interested in learning more about bike moves, check out the video below and maybe help fund the campaign and get a copy of the book. And hopefully your next move will be by bike!

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3 thoughts on “Bike Move Book on Kickstarter”

  1. Does such a bike move make you reevaluate the amount, and type, of items you own?

  2. Mick says:

    Hi Melanie, fabulous video, I’ve never heard of this, however I intend to give it a go, on a very much smaller scale.
    How do I get hold of a copy of your book please?
    Do you write a blog?

  3. I think bike moves are the way to go too~~ agree fully!!
    When riding, may be moving oneself, or may be moving the scenery… just relax. Also i prefer to buying kids bike for our child in time, so to improve balanced capacity, so welcome to my website by click my name.

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