I Don’t Want to Share My Road With You

The other day, I stumbled across a tweet and reply that made me question the ubiquitous bicycle friendly term “Share the Road“.

I decided to jump in on the fun by trying to come up with a new and improved version of this pithy but now under-mined slogan.  Nothing of any real merit sprang to mind.  As I gave it some thought, I began to realize how difficult it is to come up with a short slogan that really sticks.

But I did come up with a few different ways to interpret the saying.

Literal: Bicyclists may use full lane
Buddhist: Bicycles are traffic
Taoist: The road is just there
Zen Buddhist: Time and space are an illusion
New Yorker: Get out of my way
Late 90s: Bicyclists have feelings too
Confused: Its not my road soooo I guess I can’t share it with you

Perhaps I am wrong, but replacing or doing away with the term “Share the Road” does not seem like effort well spent in Maximum Impact Bicycle Advocacy.  It is a problematic slogan, but it is what we’ve got.


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8 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Share My Road With You”

  1. John M. Hammer says:

    In New York City and the surrounding areas, most drivers (and many cyclists) boil all the traffic laws down to, “Gangway! I’m coming through!!”

    To be fair, on a two-hour ride I’ll have a very enjoyable 159 minutes. It’s that 1 other minute (usually composed of 6 or so 10-second events) that make the ride challenging and memorable and far less safe than it would be otherwise.

  2. Rich says:

    I like “Bicycles may use full lane. Live it or live with it bitches.”

  3. Velo Bob says:

    John, I wish I could get 159 minutes out of a two hour ride. I could cover more miles and burn more calories. :-/

  4. Miles Bader says:

    “All automobiles must be accompanied by, and hold hands with, an adjacent bicycle.”

  5. Island Dave says:

    Talking with a local chief of police, he said that they have a full compliment of multi user facilities generally known as the public road ways.

    “Every lane is a bike lane.”

    All of our travel lanes are not much more than 11′ wide. Not wide enough to accommodate both bicycle and motor vehicle

    I am car free and have a fully faired, human powered vehicle call a Velomobile. When I’m on the road I am in the center of the travel lane.

  6. Rideon says:

    I prefer to commute on and off road as I see fit enjoying the fact that bikes can go many places cars cannot.

  7. bikeylarry says:

    My home state NJ just passed a law to give cyclists 4′ of clearance by passing motorists which really surprised me. I would have been tickled with 3′ feet.


    After reading a lot of the comments to the article I think the real problem is a substantial number of drivers still believe the roads are made only for motor vehicles. There needs to be an effort to educate motorists that cyclists can “claim the lane”.

  8. BluesCat says:

    Yeah, I think “Please Share the Road” is way too milquetoast.

    Somebody once told me an interesting phrase that he wanted to put on the back of his bike jersey:

    This lane belongs to me and my .44 magnum!

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