Monkey Lights Lighting up a Chilly Commute – A Review

I spent one week bicycle commuting and mountain biking with a front-wheel mounted Monkey Light M204 a wheel light that offers (mostly) 360 visibility. The M204 is the less expensive model of Monkey Lights from MonkeyLectric.

What ya get with one M204
What ya get with one M204
After watching the installation video, installation went fairly smooth. A quick peak of the user guide then I was off into the night.With the M204 light and battery holder mounted on opposite sides of the hub, my wheel felt balanced and I did not notice the weight of the light and batteries.
M204 Mounted to Front Wheel
M204 Mounted to Front Wheel
Good visibility of the light is more like 350 and the advertised 40 Lumens is only achieved with the solid whitish color setting and a side bicycle view. It appears that slimmer tires would increase front and rear visibility.For slow-speed commutes or rides that are well lit and have low traffic, then a single Monkey light might be enough, but a dedicated front and rear facing light will increase your visibility. I chose to mount the light on my front wheel, believing that a turning wheel would provide more visibility.The fun factor is the highlight of the M204. At high speeds some patterns are beautiful. The effect has certainly turned a few heads in my small mountain city.
Having fun with the M204 and a long camera exposure.
Having fun with the M204 and a long camera exposure.
The M204 proved its ruggedness during a rainy commute and muddy mountain bike ride.If you want to add some visibility and fun to your commute then I recommend trying the Monkey Light M204.

  • 40 Lumen Brightness, 4 Full Color LEDs, 360 degree visibility.
  • Rugged and Waterproof for daily use in all weather conditions.
  • Made in USA with 2 Year Warranty.
  • 8 colors and 5 themes included.
  • Runs up to 60 hours on 3 x AA (batteries NOT included)

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2 thoughts on “Monkey Lights Lighting up a Chilly Commute – A Review”

  1. Ofer says:

    Love the Monkey lights! It was an inspiration for my project, Sombra:

    Hope you like it too

  2. Greg says:

    Ha, I saw someone cycling past with some of these last night and wondered what they were. I think they’re probably more for fun than as a replacement for some serious bike lights…

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