The Adventure Begins…Updates to our Blog

As of a few days ago, we completed the first step of a rebranding project for with some updates here.

Step 1 involved the following:

  1. Transition into
  2. Transition into
  3. Put up a several aesthetic changes including a new header images.
  4. Archive our Forums
  5. Organize our content into 5 categories:
    • Commute By Bike
    • Bike Touring
    • Family Cycling
    • Utility Cycling
    • Shop Updates

This last aspect is the most important to you our readers. With this update we are beginning our adventure of expanding our blogging activities beyond bike commuting and utility cycling into bike touring and family cycling.

While it is clear that our blog’s template and design are out of date, this is the next change that is on the agenda. We will be working on updating to a mobile-friendly design that makes the content shine.

Bike Shop Hub Sign
A New Rendition of Our Old Sign

As we get settled into this new direction, we’ll be working on increasing the frequency and quality of our posting or in other words after we are through the grind of the technical aspects of these updates, we’ll get to focus on bringing more great content.

Finally, these updates to our blog also represent the first step in updates we are working on to as a whole. Change is afoot for the better. Let us know what you think.

The Adventure Begins

The adventure begins when you grab your pannier and head out for your morning commute.
The adventure begins when your kids scramble into their bike trailer and you’re off to the park.
The adventure begins when you ride down you driveway loaded up for the weekend.
The adventure begins out your front door….

A Customer Stopping by after Riding the Divide

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One thought on “The Adventure Begins…Updates to our Blog”

  1. Gerald says:

    I am always looking for great ways to incorporate more family riding. My wife and I have a 7yo and a 5yo. Both are very proficient on the bike. We have access to miles of trails and bike parks here in Boulder Colorado. How do we structure a ride that all of us can enjoy? A ride somewhere in duration between a century and a sprint down the street that ends in the best skid ever.

    Great content. An avid reader,


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