A Bicycle Accessory Focused Showroom for Tucson

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a great holiday celebration with family and friends and are ready to dive into the 2016 with vigor.

I am very excited to hit the ground running with all that Bike Shop Hub has in store for the New Year. We’re really starting to get our momentum turning for getting the new mobile-friendly version of our eCommerce shop launched. Many new updates are in the works for this blog. And the wheels are turning for us to get back on top of our game for producing great bike commuting, touring and family cycling content like never before.

And last but not least, we’re getting into the local Tucson bicycling scene with the launch of our new showroom. So, lets kick off the new year with a tour of our new showroom. If you’re in the area, look us up and stop on by!

Were located at:
2801 N Flowing Wells ste. 101
Tucson, AZ 85705

The Old Bike Shop Hub Sign Lettering Mounted in Wooden Frames

The inspirations of our new showroom effort was three-fold.

First off, as an online purveyor of bicycle accessories, we are generally busy from March to September when the majority of the US has acclimate cycling weather. But we are based in Tucson where the best cycling starts in September and runs through May. Sooo, our goal is to grow our local business so we can be busy throughout the year and gain all of the advantages of running on more of an even-keel.

The second big factor is our plans to expand our product lineup. While you may not have noticed, we’ve added a plethora of new product departments to www.bikeshophub.com. The list includes accessories such as tires, clothing, locks, handlebars and drivetrains. So the showroom has become a convenient place for us to store all of this new product. And by branching out into all of the products, our offering is much closer to that of a standard bike shop with our bend towards bike commuting, touring and family cycling.

And finally, our showroom helps us be better at our primary focus, doing eCommerce. By having products out on display and getting grilled by local customers, has been honing the edge of our bicycle accessory expertise. And in this light, she showroom makes a great backdrop for our product photography and video.

Clothing and Helmets for Bike Touring and Commuting!
Our Massive Bicycle Light Collection!

Yet another benefit of our showroom is the way that it captures the spirit of Bike Shop Hub. Where else can you find such a concentration of bicycle accessories for bike touring, commuting and touring. Not every customer who walks in the door gets it. But there have been at least a handful that as they begin browsing through our selection, the light bulb clicks on.

These customers realize that we are not focused on the average mean of cyclists, we’re focused on a particular flavor of the cycling experience. I like to think of it as the flavor of everyday adventure.

Bike Tools by Park, Pedros, Lezyne and Birzman
Saddles by Brooks, Selle Anatomica, Velo Orange and Terry

What would a bicycle showroom be without bicycles themselves. While we’ve always focused on accessories, as bicycle lovers we’ve always wanted to get our hands on more bikes.

With the showroom launch we finally had a good excuse to put together a display of bicycles. With their lineup of touring worthy steeds, we got started with Surly bicycles. Not only are these just great bikes, they are perfect for displaying and demonstrating bicycle accessories.

Of all of this gear, the Surly Moonlander with Revelate bags has attracted the most attention. For the coming year we plan on expanding our fat bike lineup even further to add in displays for framebags by Apidura and Restrap.

After almost 10 years of selling bicycle accessories online, we finally have a decent showroom for our local customers here in Tucson, Arizona. Look us up and stop on by!

The View Back to the Front

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6 thoughts on “A Bicycle Accessory Focused Showroom for Tucson”

  1. Steve says:

    Not bad! 🙂

  2. Joseph T Heun says:

    Please post your address. If you now have a block and morter building, it
    would be nice to know where it is.

    1. You obviously know your audience and are capitalizing on your knowledge base. Since you built it, they will come and they will buy quality products from engaged proprietors!

  3. Josh Lipton says:

    We’re located at:
    2801 N Flowing Wells ste. 101
    Tucson, AZ 85705

  4. Caleb Principe says:

    I think this video is a quick window into what you carry on the web. The web is the main stores but you can get the entire picture of your inventory, i.e., I didn’t know you carried ZOIC and Showers Pass.
    Suggestion: Put a link to this video on your main page. An of course, I know I can call Josh is I have a question or can’t find anything.

  5. Kenneth says:

    Wow I did not know you had Carradice bags I have use them a lot.They may be a little heavy but they sure do their job very well.Maybe someday I will get to stop by and I know I will leave with something even if I don’t need it lol.You have a very nice bicycle shop.

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