Light & Motions Vis 360 – A Crossing Guard Built into Your Helmet!

I will have over 345 days of riding in 2015… almost every weekday I commute with the Light and Motion Vis 360 and it keeps me out of dangerous situations by making me hyper visible to motorist. I am amazed how much pulsing light in the daytime catches the attention of motorist and keeps them aware that I am on the road too.

[Video Transcription]

Hi Brian Mueller with Bike Shop Hub here to talk about the Vis 360 and the 360 Plus from Light and Motion. Primarily today I am going to talk about the standard 360, the 360 is what I like to consider the life for the daily commuter. The reason is this little sucker (Vis 360) you keep you alive on the roads, almost on a daily basis. The standard vis 360 has 125 hours of run time on flash mode, 14 on low, 2 hours on high at 125 lumens all for $99.99… thanks Sara Palin.

I going to show the features. High mode you can see is fairly bright, on of the nice features about his light is that it has viability from the sides, the back pulses to help get motorist attention. From all 360 degrees you will be seen and safer. Press the power button again and you will go into the low mode, which is not quite as bright. The third mode is the pulsing mode from the headlight, side lights and back light as well.

A neat feature on the back of the tail light, if you press and hold the little button you can turn off the tail light to conserve your battery. This is a cool feature, where you will still have headlight power but the tail light is off. The Vis 360 is USB rechargeable right from the tail light it can be plugged in and charged up. The charging indicator show that shows green for fully charged, yellow is about half battery life and red the battery is low.

I wear Vis 360 daily on my commute, usually on flash mode and I think it is a necessity for almost any cycling commuter.

One of the things I have realized about commuting almost everyday for the past two years, (I did a study during my post Doc) is motorist don’t actually want to kill me! As a matter of fact, 67% of the motorist don’t want to kill me… they just cannot see me! This is what is great about the Vis 360. it makes me visible. When otherwise, I am toast, dead, done, letter to my family, over, house is gone and the reading of my personal will. So, the Vis 360 is my solution, right here baby.

(Bike riding towards and intersection and almost gets run over by a motorcycle)

Look out! See!!! This is exactly what I am telling you! This guy was a motorcyclist! They are supposed to see us! Do you know why he didn’t? No bike light! Almost toast! Turf! Dead!

Bike riding towards intersection and motor cycle quickly come to a stop)

Victory! So what I have noticed is with just a slight look at the motorist with the Vis 360 shining I gain complete control. They are like my Voodoo dolls! Without the Vis 360 the motorist go through the Intersection and I get run over, with the Vis 360 I get an instant stop, I am like a crossing guard, unstoppable! Beautiful!

That is the Light & Motion Vis 360 I wear it daily during my commute and a product I love and use everyday. So pick on up at If you have any questions give us a call at 800-717-2596.

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5 thoughts on “Light & Motions Vis 360 – A Crossing Guard Built into Your Helmet!”

  1. Steve says:

    It seems like a decent product, but I have to say that only four lumens for the tail light really isn’t very much, especially compared to other options from Light & Motion, like their 70-lumen Vis 180 (or even the 25-lumen Vis 180 Micro). I can’t say that I can think of a reason why I would want to have just the headlight on without a tail light, either. Beyond that, I agree it’s not a bad light.

    P.S.: sorry, but I have to be “that guy,” and point out that the plural of “motorist” is “motorists.”

  2. Phillip says:

    I have been using the Vis360+ for several years now and agree it is a great product.
    The runtimes you listed in the copy, though, are incorrect. From
    High – 2 hrs
    Med – 5 hrs
    Low – 14 hrs (Flash)

    1. Brian Mueller says:

      I love it too Phillip.

      I think the run times you link to are for the Vis360, not the plus. Here is the link to the 360+ run times…

  3. Phillip says:

    Yup, those are the two models. I wasn’t sure which model you were reviewing since all of the references to the product just say Vis 360 (no plus), but you mention the ability to turn off the back light which is a 360+ feature. Perhaps clarifying it would be helpful, at least in the copy of the article.

    Regardless, NONE of the models will run for 125hours (!!) on flash. which is what I was trying to alert you to. I WISH it ran that long, but it runs long enough.

    Just trying to offer some constructive suggestions, areas that have potentially confusing or misleading information.

    1. Brian Mueller says:

      Thanks for your constructive suggestions Phillip. We are just starting these videos so all information is helpful.

      For the record the Vis 360 (non plus) has the ability to turn the rear light off too.


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