America, Let’s Go Ride Bikes!

On Monday, with the election looming, I decide to publish a statement about who I was supporting for president on this blog and our other online channels. Tuesday at 5PM, before the results had started trickling in, I decide to take down my post.

I used my business as the one platform that I had for sharing my opinion in what I felt very strongly was a crucial election. My goal was to encourage others who shared a similar opinion to get out and vote. Having done this, with polls closing, I decided there was no purpose in keeping my statement up as I knew it would only serve to polarize our customers.

I knew that publishing my piece would be incredibly divisive to many of our customers that encountered my message. We received 100s of email replies and dozens of comments on the post and on Facebook. The comments were generally either highly appreciate or very aggravated. As a small business, all of our customers are extremely important to us. Making the decision to take a stand on my opinions was not something I took at all lightly and I did so at the cost of losing some, perhaps many customers.

I do not apologize for making my statement. However, I definitely recognize that receiving it was very unexpected and off-putting to some of our customers. For those customers I do regret that you were exposed to an opinion that you disagreed with as part of the fallout of my posting.

Moving forward, I do not intend to use this blog for expressing any other political campaign messages. This was a one time deal. This is a cycling focused business. We love supporting cyclists of all stripes. At the end of the day, if you’re riding a bicycle you’re alright with me. And even if you weren’t, there’s politics and then there are people. I care about people regardless of their political opinions.

Looking into the future with President-elect Trump as our leader, it is more important than ever that we as a Nation figure out how to come together. It is important that we all do our best to support our leaders, participate in our government and plan for future changes as needed. In this trying time, it is good for us to remember all of the things that we can come together and share in. Things like our love of our freedom, our families and our great nation are all commonalities we can appreciate in eachother.

And if you’re reading this blog, chances are that we’re able to unite around our love of bicycles. So let’s all put our worries aside for a bit and go ride bikes!

Finally, I wanted to explain why we have comments turned off on this post. As I mentioned we are not intending on making political campaign messages moving forward. I see no need to entertain a discussion on the matter. If you would like to send us your thoughts, we can be reached at

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