is Launching April 29th! is becoming! We’re gathering up kindling and wood chunks for our “campfire”.  Come late April, we’ll be striking a match to set ablaze our rebranding to!

I’m inviting all of you to the campfire to gaze into the flames with us.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you why we’re rebranding, what will offer,  and where our plans are taking us.  For today, I’m offering a small sampling from what’s to come.

Prelaunch Posts

Next week we begin weekly postings as Campfire Cycling.  We’ll be sharing our bicycle camping stories and revealing our plans to humbly ask for your feedback.  Here is what we’ll be posting about.

  • New Jobs!
    • We need help!  We are announcing some new roles for expert bike campers to join our team here in Tucson.
  • Campfire Cycling’s Origin Story
    • Who are we? And why are we doing this? And what do we plan on doing?
  • Finding Your Way to Bicycle Camping
    • An epic overview of the world of bicycle camping.
  • Preparing for Your First Bicycle Campout, Even If You’ve Never Camped
    • Our recommended approach to easing into bicycle camping while maximizing the fun factor.
  • Zen and the Art of Bicycle Camping, Getting Past the Push to Find Your Pull
    • To get started as a bike camper, you’ll probably have to push yourself out there.  But to thrive as a bike camper, it must begin tugging at your heartstrings.
The Lipton Family Out Adventuring!

On the morning of Monday, April 29th, the plan is to turn off the lights on and put up in its place. Here are some of the biggest changes to come.

  • A Bicycle Camping Focused Catalog
    • Our product selection is being revamped for bicycle camping.  We’re bringing on the best in camping products and expanding into bicycles as well as offering many more bicycle accessories.
  • A Bicycle Camping Experts Interview Series
    • We’re very excited to be launching an interview series focused on learning from bicycle camping experts.  I will be asking our guests how they’ve made bicycle camping a fun and fluid part of their everyday lives.  The half-hour interviews will be published to a podcast, with video for YouTube and transcribed for this blog.
  • A Full Retail Experience in Tucson
    • We’re adding a full brick and mortar bike shop, focused on bicycle camping.  We’ll be stocking Surly, Jamis and Bombtrack bicycles, offering repairs and showing off everything from our ecommerce catalog in our beautiful new showroom.  The plan is to have the new showroom operational for the launch, followed by a retail launch party for Tucson this coming fall.
A Freshly Painted Showroom, A Clean Slate for Campfire Cycling’s Retail Experience, Coming Soon …

Can I Ask You A Question?

We’re building the best retail experience for bicycle campers.  And getting to the best begins with these friendly conversations with you ’round the Campfire.

So, how do you like our new name, Campfire Cycling?  What memories does it conjure up for you?

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