Author: Kristen Bonkoski

5 Tips for Riding with Your Kids in Low Light

Fall is here and the days are getting shorter. Gone are the long, sun-filled evenings of summer. At the same time our kids are back in school, and it’s harder to find time to ride. If you’re like our family, you’re still trying to squeeze in some after-school, after-work evening rides. We did one of…

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Bike Camping with Kids

For many of us, childhood camping trips are some of our fondest memories. Remember the s’mores and campfires, the old tent that leaked, and lazy afternoons reading in a hammock? Kids tend to gravitate toward camping in a way that adults can’t recreate. They understand the power of dirt, and rocks, and sticks–things that can…

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9 Family-Friendly Cycling Vacation Destinations

If your idea of a good family vacation includes more mountaintops than Disney rides, you might want to consider a cycling vacation. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to plan vacations around playgrounds (although those are nice to have also).  In fact, picking a great place to bike can make for a…

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The Importance of Family Cycling

The most striking difference between any U.S. city and those in nations with a thriving bike culture are the number of families on bikes.  Visit Seattle or Salt Lake or St. Louis and you’re likely to see a bike share program, a dude track-standing in the intersection, a rack full of fixies.  What you’re less…

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