Author: Moe Ramirez

How to tune a rear derailleur

Tuning derailleurs have always intimidated me. Everytime that I mess with them, I make it worse. So I turned to RL, our resident master wrench, for some advice. Here’s the basic procedure with illustrations. We used the Ibex Trophy with a Shimano Deore LX derailleur. Your bike maybe different but the same principle applies. First,…

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5 places to ride with extra caution

As I ride my bike to work, there are a few places that I ride with extra caution: 1. Near a School. Moms and Dads are always in a hurry to drop off/pickup their kids and drive away without really looking out for cyclists or cars. 2. Near a Bus. Specifically at Bus stops. Don’t…

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Kneesavers Preview

Knee pain is the biggest cause for me not to ride my bike to work or recreationally for that matter. As I was reading Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine, I saw an ad for Kneesavers. I visited their site to see what they are all about: Kneesavers are custom pedal extenders which are designed to…

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Whittier Greenway Trail

Click here for interactive map I was excited to see that the Whittier Greenway trail construction is on it’s way. The Greenway Trail is included in the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (LACMTA) “Southeast Area Bicycle Master Plan.” The trail will pass through residential, commercial, industrial and institutional land uses in Whittier, connecting these…

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Owning a piece of American Bike History

Photo courtesy of Schwinn Lightweight data book. Last friday, RL and myself headed to RPM cyclery to check out a couple of Tandems that Scott had for sale. In her letter to Santa, my oldest daugther is asking him to bring her a Tandem bike so she can ride with dad (isn’t that special). But…

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KHS F20-R First Impression

Here’s a picture of the ‘mystery bike’, its a 2006 KHS F20-R. This bike is what I like to call, a High Performance foldable. What do I mean by ‘High Performance’? At about 18 lbs, it’s ultralight, the Shimano Tiagra Sti drivetrain shifts fast, precise and smoothly, the rear is equipped with a .5″ shock,…

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Looking back at November

November saw 2 of our staff members get older. Myself and Priscilla celebrated birthdays this month. Here are November’s most commented posts and product reviews: *Our #1 post was Nick’s “How to dress for Cold Weather” article. We also got comments from other commuters that ride during the winter months. It is hard to relate…

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Rain Tires?

The other day it rained in Sunny Southern California. I was hesitant to ride my bike on the rain so I opted to drive. One of the reasons I was hesitant was due to the fear of losing traction on the rain slick streets. I ‘googled’ bike rain tires but the results were inconclusive. So,…

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A different type of bike shop

I’m always excited when a new bike shop sprouts close to where I live. The other day I stopped to check it out. I was cordially greeted by Vince Casica, the shop owner/manager/mechanic/salesperson. His one man operation is quite unique. As many of us like to upgrade bikes, we usually tell our significant other that…

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Saturday at the Bicycle Tree

RL and I met in at the Bicycle Tree in Anaheim, CA. The Bicycle Tree is a non profit group that accept bikes as donations, they fix the bicycles and re-sell them at very reasonable prices. They also have a full set of tools for people to work on their bikes for free. They also…

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