Keep Your Office Clean

If your office doesn’t currently have a policy regarding bicycles in the office, it’s most likely because nobody has given the management a reason to create one. It’s in your best interests to keep it that way! I’ve seen the fear of dirty carpets get bicycles nixed from offices on more than one occasion. I…

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Last week I wrote about some inexpensive pogies over on Blue Collar Mountain Biking. Pogies, sometimes called Moose Mitts or Bullwinkles, are weatherproof handlebar covers made of materials like Cordura and fleece. As cold weather cyclists know, bulky winter gloves can make it difficult to do simple things like brake and shift, adjust zippers, or…

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Soma Munch Box

Ok, maybe not as exciting as the new Mac in the previous post, but this little accessory has been pretty handy. This bag is called the Munch Box, and is made by Soma Fabrications. Designed as a feed bag, it’s designed to carry gels or energy bars. It can mount to either the stem and…

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Bicycle Advocacy

Since I started bicycle commuting, I have become more interested in bicycle advocacy. I attended a local bicycle advocacy group’s meeting last year to get a feel for what the group was about. By the end of the meeting, I had nominated myself for a position on the board! This weekend I attended the first…

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Dealing with Road Rage

This morning I was able to leave earlier for my commute, and I was excited about getting to work earlier than normal. What I didn’t realize is that I was about to meet a whole new group of auto commuters. A half hour makes a big difference on who you see! Usually I have a…

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Snow and Ice

Some days there are no safe routes to work. Today was the first day back to work after a weekend of snow storms. The snow plows had only worked on the main streets, so all the side streets were a lumpy mess of ice and snow. And since the sides of the roads were piled…

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Commute by Bike – Carson City

Hello and welcome to my first post on Commute by Bike! I have been a full time bicycle commuter since I moved back to Carson City, Nevada in November of 2007. For the past several years, I lived in the town to the south of Carson City, and had a 16 mile commute (32 mile…

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