Author: Nick James

Project FiXootr: Chaindrive and Handlebars

So, on Tuesday I got the rear wheel with fixed hub, and in all the excitement, I forgot to document the switch! Well, long story short, I put the tube and tire on the new wheel, removed the derailleur, shifter, rear brake and corresponding lever. So, this is what the chaindrive looks like now: and…

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Project FiXootr: the "Stempost"

For those of you just tuning in: this post is part of a series chronicling my transformation of the Xoor Swift into a proper fixed-gear. The essence of the project, the rear wheel with fixed hub, is in the works. Until it arrives, I have some time to play with the bicycle as is, and…

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Xootr, Nick. Nick, Xootr. Now play nice.

So, as some of you may know, I have been sent the Xootr Swift to do with what I will. Since, much to the chagrin of Jay, I have come to love riding fixed-gear and have forsaken the freewheel, I decided to turn this great little folding bike into a great little folding fixed-gear bike….

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Commuter Bikes at

The folks behind the green blog are usually on about norwegian prefab housing and expensive bamboo furniture, but every now and then, they remember the lowly bicycle, and the potential it has to change the way we interact with our environment, on levels personal, national, and global. Today, they posted a tidbit about comfortable…

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How to Dress for Cold Weather

Note: An updated version of this article is available here. Every now and then I flip through a copy of Bicycling Magazine. Usually, there’s nothing in it for me. Lots of expensive toys, lots of talk about Lance and Floyd, and maybe some amateur-level maintenance tips, though I don’t know how many times you can…

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31st Annual Lehigh Valley Velodrome Bike Swap

Yesterday I took a trip to Trexlertown, PA for the Lehigh Valley Velodrome‘s bike swap. It’s a sort of flea market where bike shops, vendors and just bikeheads come out and sell new bikes, old bikes, components, clothing, and pretty much anything else having to do with bikes. It’s heaven for a chronic DIYer like…

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NYC Century Ride

So, now that I’ve got pictures, I’ll give y’all the whole story on yesterday’s Century ride. My bike is set up as a street bike (one gear, fixed, narrow bullhorn handlebars, hard, flat seat), so I had to make a few purchases to be ready for a long ride. The first thing I bought was…

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New York City Century Ride

I rode today in the New York City Century. I did all one hundred miles on my fixed gear, which got some attention. There were others riding fixed at the start, but I didn’t see any track bikes besides mine at the finish. What kind of training did I do to be able to tackle…

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