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Ok, so I got this really sweet brand new t-shirt from KHS while we were at Interbike. And I wanted to share it with one of you! (It’s a size Medium by the way). Soooooo here we go….answer me this: 1. Give me the name of the cool dude we deal with at KHS. (hint:…

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Interbike is for the Girls too!!!

Not to rub it in but we had a great time! This was my first year so to say the least it was a bit overwhelming….miles and miles of bikes and gear!!! I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of gear for the ladies but we need more!!! The industry is just starting to tap…

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Terry Bicycles Donna's Butterfly Seat

Check out what the folks at Terry Bicycles sent me. It’s the Donna’s Butterfly Seat Here’s a description of it: Last year we were able to contribute thousands of dollars to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund as a result of the sales of this saddle. Our goal this year is to triple that…

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Terry Scooter Capri Review

Overview: This tailored bike capri with side hem notches, 20″ inseam and great stitching detail looks best on the widest variety of body types. Bulk free construction, beautiful stretch woven exterior and lightest weight internal liner with unobtrusive chamois. Traditional waist, with flat front, zip fly and dual off-seam pockets; slightly elasticized rear; tapered leg;…

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Doing some work

CommuteByBike will be going through a bunch of upgrades throughout the day and perhaps into the night. Please be patient as we make these changes. Just go ride your bike….

Sexism on the Road?

So do you think your gender may influence your safety on the road? After a month now of commuting to work by bike I have noticed that I get a different reaction from drivers depending on their gender. Females tend to be more impatient than the males. I am curious to know if it would…

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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

“I can’t do it. It is way too difficult. I’ll be late for work. I have to take the kids to school, yada, yada, yada.” Yah, this was me a few weeks ago, anything to avoid my husband prodding me to try commuting to work by bike. It’s not that I don’t enjoy riding my…

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Feeling Left Out…

I didn’t want to be the only one here that didn’t get to experience the Nick James makeover. I too have been truly inspired with your artistic expressions and have attempted to achieve some of your greatness. Now I know I have a ways to go…but I too want to achieve this thing called ”…

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