Commute by Bike

Yes, I’m pregnant. And riding my bike.

“You’re 8 months pregnant! Can you please stop riding your bike?” my concerned co-worker pleaded with me on a recent Friday. As we headed to lunch in her car, she’d spotted my bike glinting in the sunlight, conspicuously tethered to a signpost in front of our office. “Actually,” I corrected her, thinking back to my…

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Wide-Eyez Helmet Shield Review

If youve read any of my posts here on Commute by Bike or follow me on Facebook, you might know that I do not subscribe to traditional helmet orthodoxy. I believe they have their place, they can, in fact prevent or reduce the severity of some injuries, and that the decision to wear one should…

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Adjusting to the New Commute

A few weeks ago, I moved from a house where I had a very simple bike commute (I rode straight down one road for 3 miles) to house located such that there are a wide array of route options. As I began exploring these various routes, I was reminded how enjoyable it is to optimize…

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The Habit-Forming Neoprene Hug of Owl Band

This is like one of those “When You See It” pictures that your friends send you on Facebook. I took this photo while commuting by bus in Madagascar. Do you notice anything odd? This was during my “Bikeless in Madagascar” period. It was a weird time. I would do my normal morning get-ready-for-work routine. I’d…

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