Troubleshooting Bionx Kits

Via e-mail: My BionX Li-Mn 36v power system seems to be dead. I cannot get it charged by either the plug-in charger or pedal action. Please advise. It was resourceful of you to try to charge your battery using regeneration, but BionX warns that you should “not attempt to ride the bicycle to revive…

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Chariot vs. Croozer vs. Burley Bike Child Trailers

Via Email: We are looking at purchasing a bike trailer stroller combo for two children. Can you please tell me what the differences are between your three brands and why I would purchase one over another. Thank you. The main difference between the brands of trailers is the features and accessories that they come…

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Comparison's between Tubus Titanium Racks

Via Email: I am a road rider who mixes a daily commute with 70 mile cafe racer runs, the occasional crit and some cyclo touring. A friend and I recently built up a Lynskey Sportive one for each of us. The plan is that this will be our touring / traveling bike. Next year…

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Attaching Bike Trailers to Trikes

Via E-mail: We recently purchased a recumbent trike with two wheels in the back and one in the front. We would like to get a trailer for our 20 lb Westie. Do they make such a thing to fit the trike? Appreciate your help It’s not so much a matter of finding a trailer…

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Modifying the Bionx Default Settings

Via E-mail: I bike currently on a Trek 700 Navigator 2011 with BionX G2 controller. This bike has an adjusted speed of 25 km/h in Europe. I would like to increase the speed to 35-40 km/h. What opportunities do I have with my current set or what is needed to achieve this adaptation. With…

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Mounting Panniers on Folding Bikes

Via Email: I ride a bike with a tiny rack (Dahon speed uno with arclite do you have any suggestions on what would fit? I have totally wrestled with this issue. And, unfortunately, there’s no easy way to use standard panniers with a rack like this you will have heel-strike issues no matter…

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Details on Ortlieb Replacement Parts

Via Email: I have some questions about the Ortlieb replacement parts you stock. I’m buying them to fabricate my own panier from an old laptop bag (not Ortlieb). 1/ E175-QL3 system is design to fit onto the rack, but it seems you don’t sell the mating female parts which attach to a bag? 2/…

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