Utility Cycling

Ted's Leisure Trailer – Built for Fun

Ted recently shared with us his sturdy trailer build that looks like a party on wheels! Ted explains the origins:I built this bike trailer in the spring of 1987 in Calgary, Alberta. It was designed to supplement a backpack and front pannier bags, and to encourage a leisurely travel pace through exercise.Two main challenges by this…

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Rob's Trike Build

Rob, a fabricator by trade, has a pretty sweet build he shared with us after buying a spring for the project: I help put on a fundraiser for a non-profit called Kammys Kause (4p-supportgroup.org for more info). So along with making the event happen I make something to auction off. I was offered an old…

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Bill's Endless Summer Wandertec Build

Beach season coming to an end? Nah, the season never ends for Bill & Wife! Thought you might like to see my Wandertec trailer in action. I built an aluminum box with perforated aluminum sheet floor. Super light and easy to pull onto the beach. We use it regularly. I built it for my wife…

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Tom's Upcycled Bed Frame Bike Trailer

I put together a cargo trailer from scrap metal and trashed kid’s bikes. A bed frame provided the basic structure, to which I welded dropouts hacked from the donor bikes and a curved towing arm. A quick release ball joint was used for the hitch. Don’t trust your welding skills? Check out the Burley Nomad,…

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Rocking Bikes, Bongos, Blenders & Beats

Wandertec’s own Bongo wheels are being used on “Rock the Bikes” everywhere! Sounds like a lot of gobble-dee-guk, but it’s pretty sweet. And… blend while you rock with the Xtracycle Fender Blender!! (We won’t judge whether it’s for protein shakes or margaritas. As long as you’re biking. And rocking.)  


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