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Bikes at War Part Two: The Great War

Adolf Hitler was a bike messenger? Yes, indeed. And a decorated one, at that. But more on that later. If the Great War had been fought in accordance with the fantasies of armchair generals, then the bicyclist would have replaced the doughboy as the symbol of gallantry and heroism. Sadly, the war devolved to trenches,…

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An Ode to Laborers on Two Wheels

Let us now praise Sweaty Men and Women; All hail the Bicycle Courier, Who is fast on feet and two wheels, Bringing us coffee and sandwiches and beer.   Three cheers for the bike messengers of the world, the “cyclo-laborers.” While we cower in climate-controlled cubicles, they brave the sun and rain, the light and…

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Tandem Living

The deal was quick. Cash in hand. I picked up the second-hand tandem from a carpark on the London ring road in the summer of 2012. It was an oppressively warm afternoon by English standards, the break rubber toasting against the rims as I rolled the machine down to the railway station. Getting a tandem…

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