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BOB Trailer Cruising the Burr Trail

Rick recently sent us this photo of his touring set up. He’s got a BOB Yak trailer with the attached Greenspeed rack for extra storage. He’s also using a Greenfield Stabilizer Kickstand for extra stability for the added weight.He toured from Bullfrog Utah to Boulder Utah along the Burr Trail, carrying 5 large bottles of water plus a 6 liter bag. A heavy ride, but necessary as there was limited filterable water along the way. His BOB is well packed with the BOB DrySAK and some Ortleib Front Roller Classic Panniers.Looks like it was a great rig for a really nice Utah tour! 

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JILL'S NEWSFLASH!! Ohio is good for biking!

According to Jill, a news director in Cleveland:

Ohio is a surprisingly good area for biking. And I absolutely love my Ortlieb Back Roller Classic with BSH logo. These panniers are incredibly versatile and hold tons of gear (or $200 worth of groceries). I use them for commuting to work, for pleasure rides and even for grocery shopping.

Yes. You can bike to the store and haul home plenty of groceries effortlessly (or maybe minimal effort at least). Check out all of our panniers including Ortlieb and grocery-specific designs. Or if you need an extra boost (I’m embarrassingly raising my hand over here), pickup a Ridekick Trailer. Seriously. Worth it. Continue reading JILL'S NEWSFLASH!! Ohio is good for biking!

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Mark’s Revelate Equipped Ride

Mark Falanga Revelate‘d the crap outta his bike:

I ordered a bunch of Revelate bags from you for a five-day San Juan Mountain Hut bike ride.  The system that you put together for me was incredible and because of the system, my bike performed so well on all terrain, going up mountains, down mountains and on level grades.

Create memories out of your bike adventures with Bike Bag Shop and email us your stories.



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Cycling Keeps Jim in Shape!

BOB in tow:

Out riding my bicycle yesterday 80 miles.  Staying in shape for the finishing of my cross America bicycle trip which is restarting Sept 17 from Rapid City SD to Key West Florida.

Over the last couple of weeks been debating whether to cycle across all of China or all of Canada next summer.

I’ve already pedaled from the southern Canadian border to the Arctic Ocean last summer.  That was the most challenging trip I ever took.  You can see the pictures from that trip in some of the very early postings on this blog.  Peddling from Seattle to Rapid City was almost just as challenging because the passes in the mountains were much steeper and longer for the most part.  But in this area there is lots of hotels. In the Arctic one can go for 300 miles along a rode without finding civilization.  I did it.

Riding a bicycle to Key West from South Dakota is very easy compared to the first part of this trip. Having the most difficult part behind me now will bring mostly rolling hills with the odd small steep one.  I have done this portion previously when I pedaled to Winnipeg from Florida.

Feeling motivated?  Because BOB‘s are currently on sale.  And checkout Jim’s blog for further motivation.

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Bike Your Local Landmark

I recently got married to an Australian. Which means lots of sightseeing. Which turns out is pretty cool!First off, a little about me — I’m pretty lame. But I suspect so are a lot of people in the same sense. I have lived in several super cool places, and have never bothered going to the local historical landmarks. Because seeing these sights from traffic seems “good enough” for lame-lings like myself. Proof:

  1. Lived in Portland, Oregon for 9 years, never been to Voodoo Doughnut. Or Crater Lake. And don’t even MENTION Portlandia. Don’t. I’m not even going to link that reference.
  2. Lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for 6 years, “gave in” and visited the Grand Canyon after having already been there 5 years.
  3. Lived in San Francisco (or just east of) for 10 years, never purposefully gave a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge.

And finally, this summer, we really went to the Golden Gate Bridge. And possibly only because we got one beautiful fog-less day. And probably only because Ty wanted to. We saw Oracle practicing for America’s Cup, Alcatraz, and happy puppies frolicking along after tennis balls in the small waves below. Talk about living the dream …of starring in my very own episode of Full House (I told you I was super lame). And of course, we saw BIKES!Some inspiration for biking your local landmarks before the summer is over:

BOB-ing the Bridge

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Tom's Mission & Custom Trailer

Tom’s on a mission to combat child sex abuse, he’s built a custom trailer for the road, and he’s not afraid to use it! “10,000 miles, across 3 nations on a 50cc scooter (with a custom trailer attached…that I designed and built).” Pretty sweet build, and for a great cause. For more information, check out Continue reading Tom's Mission & Custom Trailer

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Ethan & Reid's Fundraising Ride Across U.S.

Brothers Ethan & Reid are cycling across the U.S. to raise money for the Phoenix Children’s Hostpital here in Arizona.  The story behind the cause, according to Ethan:

Back in my junior year of high school, I was rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital via ambulance in a grand mal seizure. Doctors quickly induced a coma to stop the violent seizure. For the next few days, the staff was unsure if I would survive, let alone function after such a traumatic event. Ever so fortunately, I did. In all, I spent ten days in the hospital, nine days of which were in the ICU, and the first three in a coma. Due to the seizures, stroke, and immense pressure placed on my brain from this meningoencephalitic infection, I suffered impairments to my cognitive, speaking, and fine motor function.

Thanks to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, I survived this battle for my life and now, some four years later, after a long rough road to recovery, I’m back. This summer my brother Reid and I are bicycling across the continental United States in an effort to raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the hospital that saved my life. We’ll be riding self-supported, carrying all our own gear, as we pedal from the Virginia coast to the Oregon coast, some 4,233 miles. We look forward to bringing together many people of our community, state, and nation to help support this hospital that performs life-saving miracles on an everyday basis, just as they did for me.

Please check out the brothers’ website:  //  blog:  //  and Facebook page:  to help them out.  Best of luck on your travels!

Armed with Ortlieb!

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Tomas, Bike Shop Hub, and Ortlieb in India

In 2012 I cycled over 3,000 miles solo across India. The first part of my trip was in Rajasthan, in the north; the second was an epic journey from Mumbai down Konkan coast to border of Goa, then up to Deccan Plateau, south through the interior of entire Karnataka, across Tamil Nadu and Kerala to Fort Kochi (Cochin) on the coast. It was on this second leg of my India traverse that I used Ortlieb Bike Shop Hub panniers.

Although currently unavailable, Ortlieb Bike Shop Hub panniers will appear on Bike Bag Shop again soon.  If you’re in need of great gear more immediately, regular Ortlieb panniers are a great choice for summer travels!

To read more on Tomas’s travels, please visit

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U.S. Bicycle Route System Video

The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is a network of bike routes, which is still in development, that will help to link communities of all shapes and sizes via different types of bicycle infrastructure throughout the nation. Though the route is still under development, there are great efforts under way to make it a reality sooner rather than later. Adventure Cycling has been fundamental in pioneering the USBRS, and they recently commissioned a video about it from the folks at The Path Less Pedaled. Learn more about the USBRS below!