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Hands On First Look : Cateye TL-LD570 Reflex Auto Light

Commute By Bike received the Cateye TL-LD570 Reflex Auto Light that we previewed last week and it quickly took the place of the TL-LD610 that we’ve openly loved before on Commute By Bike.  Our initial spin around the block is that this rectangle of a light is bright, and the reflector works wonderfully.  Something I didn’t realize I was missing in a light.

Cateye TL-LD570

For now the light is mounted on the Salsa Casseroll seat tube but long term will be mounted and tested out on a rear rack.  The light looks very much like a rear reflector, very little styling but it gets the job done.  In fact, I enjoy that it looks like a boring over-sized reflector as it may not be stolen due to this!

Once we get longer rides and feedback from cars behind, I’ll check back in with a better, true, review.  For now, check out our initial preview of the light.

If you are interested in purchasing this light or something like it:
Visit our affiliate REI.

This product was given at no charge for review purposes.  I was not paid or bribed to give this review and it will have my honest opinion or thoughts through out.
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Gift Guide: Lights and Reflectors

Everybody loves a good stocking stuffer and what better gift than the gift of safety?

With the time change and darker months upon us, it’s important to have a lights and reflectors for night riding. Here’s a few options available:

Standard blinky light – This is your standard option that I used for years. You can pick up a standard blinky light that will last for a couple months on a couple batteries and usually has several different options for how fast and often the light blinks.

Planet Bike BRT-3 Tail Light – $7
Niterider Tailfazer Tail Light – $17

Rechargeable lights – If you want to spend some extra cash to save on batteries and have the piece of mind to know your lights will always turn on, you may want to spring for a rechargeable light set. They’re pricey, but you’ll never have to worry about your lights turning off halfway home.

Union Bottom Bracket Generator Light Set – $88
Reelight LED Light Set – $50

Reflectors – Go the standard safty route and get some good, bright reflector material.

Dimension Reflector Set – $9
Nathan Twilight Reflective Vest – $25