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Cateye TL-LD570 Reflex Auto Light : Preview

A new light was recently released, the Reflex Auto TL-LD570, from Cateye. What is so unique about the light? It turns itself on and off utilizing optic and motion sensors.  If this system really works, I’ll save myself a handful of batteries per year by leaving my light on at night when I leave the bike.  My only concern about this light is that it uses darkness to help detect when the light goes on, personally I like to run my light all the time.

We have a test light on the way for review, will report back once I have more details.

Cateye Reflex Auto TL-LD570From Cateye

The Reflex Auto tail light has both optic and motion sensors to determine when to automatically activate the light.  When darkness and motion are detected the light turns on instantly!

The combination of active and passive safety help provide even more visibility.  The active safety refers to our standard tail light technology, perfected over years of development.  The passive safety component refers to our outstanding CPSC reflector design that has exceeded highest governmental standards for many years.

The 5 super-bright modes, over 180 degrees of visibility, and various mount options will help you stand out from the crowd and guarantee you’ll be noticed at night! –

More Details

  • MSRP : $30-33 per
  • One high power center LED + four 5mm LEDs
  • 5 super-bright modes
  • Up to 120 hrs of runtime (Reflex Auto Rear)
  • Up to 60hrs of runtime (Reflex Auto Front)
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries
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2010 Felt Bicycles

Felt Bicycles have been turning heads for the past couple years and for 2010 it seems like they have been learning as they go.

2010 Felt Cafe 8 $569

They seem to have many different categories that really hammer the cycling culture and using your bike for everyday travels or to simply Commute By Bike.


The fixie group is separated from the true track specific group, which helps for less confusion and better focus on each category.


Unique, a wide spectrum of bikes that come very basic 1 speeds all the way up to 24 speeds with a rear rack, cup holder and little key holder under your saddle.


This category is called a variety of things in the bicycle industry right now. It seems to be the target commuter audience for mainstream companies. Room for fenders, a rear rack and often disc brakes for all condition riding.


Personally, I feel cyclocross bikes make many of the best commuter oriented bikes. Because of this I have added 2 of their cyclo-x category.


Be funky, be unique. So many bikes to list, go check out their site for more.

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Top 5 Budget Friendly Rain Jackets

Rain jackets are one of those pieces that many companies haven’t figured out yet. Some companies, like Gore or Showers Pass, have the jackets nailed down but you’ll also have a hard time finding them in your local store it seems.

Here is a list of my top 5 budget friendly rain jackets and why. Take note that you can get by with one of the cheap <$40 rain jackets. They are made out of plastic and you will end up wet from all the sweat that forms inside of the jacket.

J & G Waterproof $45

J & G Waterproof
J & G Waterproof
  • This jacket is waterproof, not breathable and water proo
  • Basic but right on target for the price
  • Reflective parts all over the jacket

Novara Stowable $60

Novara Stowable
Novara Stowable
  • Packs small for your pannier or back jersey pocket
  • Only water resistant so mainly used for those “just incase” situations
  • Reflective parts all over jacket

Carradice Pro Route Cap $65

Carradice Pro Route

  • Reflective
  • One size fits all
  • Great coverage, even over upper legs

Showers Pass Club $80

Showers Pass Club

  • Reflective arms
  • Venting
  • Multiple color options
  • Drop down tail to go over your saddle or backside

Marmot PreCip Jacket $99

Marmot PreCip
Marmot PreCip
  • Packable (they claim you can put this jacket into a water bottle)
  • Ventilation
  • Cut well for free movement
  • Breathable material
  • A lot of options and pluses. Also one why this is at the top of the price list.
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Civia Loring I-Motion Review : Introduction

Civia Loring
This past week I took delivery of a couple large boxes from Civia Cycles.  Inside was a very well packaged Civia Loring, a rear rack and pretty cool fenders.  This Loring is in for review but is still waiting for its very large front basket so for now there are photos and your basic details from Civia themselves.

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Planet Bike Blaze 2W : Quick Review

One our new sponsors, Planet Bike, had a pretty incredible new product hit the cycling market in the past week.

Planet Bike Blaze 2W

Planet Bike has a new light called the Blaze 2W. The Blaze 1W has been somewhat of an industry standard for affordable LED or go to product in bike shops. If you want a reliable, durable light that is bright enough but doesn’t go over $50 you would get the Blaze 1W.. Combing the forces and tech heads at Planet Bike, there is now a Blaze 2W!

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Gary Fisher Gritty for Review

Gary Fisher GrittyGary Fisher introduces the Gritty, styled after the freestyle fixed gear bikes that are the new trend in the fixed gear scene. The price tag at $439 isn’t a bad place to start for your freestyle-esque bike but as a commuter I see huge potential.

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