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Bontrager Tire Guarantee

Bontrager Tire GuaranteeIn a perfect world, buying things would be like test driving a car. You can put your salesman in the backseat and test the hell out of the product.

Life isn’t like buying a car, thank god, but we can’t always test out things where we need to. Take bikes. You have to rely on the internet for reviews, your buddy and hopefully your amazing local bike shop.

Bontrager has introduced a tire guarantee

On every aftermarket Bontrager tire, keyword is aftermarket. If you purchase it as a tire, to put on your bicycle then you are covered. If it comes on your favorite Trek or Gary Fisher bike, you are not.

Test out the tires, give them a good ride up to 30 days. If you don’t like them, return them with the original receipt.

Make sure to read the fine print

From the guys at Bontrager

So, why would Bontrager offer such a program?
A lot is involved in the decision to purchase a specific tire. That decision can involve details like the level of puncture protection or the appropriate tread pattern for specific riding goals. That decision is also influenced by staff suggestions at the retailer, statements made in online forums and comments made by local riders. This can lead to confusion and in some cases the purchase of the wrong tire. The wrong tire leads to a poor ride experience and an unhappy rider.

Our Unconditional Performance Guarantee removes the fear of purchasing the wrong tire. If the rider is not satisfied with their purchase, for any reason, they can bring it back.
.. Still getting flats, bring it back and try the next level of puncture protection.

.. Seeking a faster commute, exchange the tire for a higher psi rated model.

.. Need more cornering traction, bring it back and try another tread pattern.

Please don’t abuse this program and ruin it for the rest of us.

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2010 NAHBS : Day One Round Up

Amazing coverage of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show February 26-28, 2010.. Make sure to add us on Twitter for the latest show news.

What a whirl wind of a day. First a 4.5 hour drive that included blue skies in Charlotte, NC and then snow in Richmond, VA. Getting to the show much later than I had planned but finding a last moment fire to get a few interviews and photos done within the last 20 minutes of the show.

Once the show was over you could find me in the media center trying to edit video for the and Each of them getting their own spin on the show and what is going on. The daily round up on Versus hopes to motivate and show a different spectrum of the cycling market to those visiting The daily round up for the Handmade Shows site will be more editorial with clean and cut of whats going on at the show. Getting more indepth and nitty gritty as most people visiting the shows true site will be bicycle enthusiast.

Once the show wrapped up, and video editing done for the time being we hurried to the hotel to find clean clothes and then off to the VIP party and Hell Yes Sprints. (Photos for this tomorrow!)

Thanks for checking in and we will be better with social media tomorrow, as well as figure out this watermarking program!

You’ll be able to find more photos over at my Flickr set for 2010 NAHBS.

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Q & A : Input for Commute By Bike

As we have mentioned that Commute By Bike has changed hands and the site has gotten rolling in the past week. Now that the site has been live for two weeks with constant updates, tips and reviews we would like your input. If you could take the time to help make this site better please answer some, all or add your other input to the following questions :

  • What are your favorite features of the site, if you could add or subtract features what would you do?
  • The topics covered on CBB are very wide, what are your favorites or what else would you like to see?
  • There is talk about starting back up the monthly newsletter, would you be interested in receiving a monthly newsletter with the key topics covered on CBB?
  • Would you pay $2 a month for special topics not covered on CBB or special deals/discounts from advertisers only provided through the newsletter?
  • What are your thoughts on the new Flickr and Facebook CBB groups. What else should we be doing in social media?

Now, keep going and let us know what you would like to see, hear or do.
Thanks for being so loyal and encouraging through all of this!

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Commute Route Database

A reader, See Wah, wrote in to tell us about his new cycle commute route database he built up.

Zoom Around Screen Shot

I am a software developer who commutes to work in London, U. everyday. Previousl. I have use. different route planners online (e.g. the pretty goo. but the. tend to take you down some obscur. sidestreets, which may or may not be what a commuter wants. So one day I thought why not create a route database where people can share and rate routes (in terms of speed and safety). And personally for me, this little pet project has been great as it gives me an excuse to get my acts together and learn some new technologies.

As a frequent users of, and others that have now been gobbled up by competition. I’m glad to see someone out there trying to make a commuter based one that seems very easy and quick to use. As this site is in its trial version please contribute your commutes to the network.

Zoom Around Town
On Twitter @zoomaroundtown

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Fyxation Session 700 Tires | Stylish & Durable

Style and function are two things that the bike industry are taking note of..  More product is being designed first for function, durability and ease only to be followed up with design. When companies get this right it won’t be long before their product is sought after by fixie riders and cruiser riding mom’s with kids in tow.  Everyone wants to look good, regardless of what their thought of looking good is.  First though, most commuters want a functional, durable product.

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Zero Per Gallon Under New Ownership

The very catching “Zero Per Gallon” company and blog was recently taken over by Kit Kohler from the founder Jonny Waldman.

From Kit about the new Zero Per Gallon :

53 Miles Per BurritoI am massively excited to take things over. Expect to hear more from ZPG soon, including a new site, tales from the Tour de Fat, and some updates on the blog. In the meantime I’ve unleashed a three-pronged social media attack:

Friend, follow, fan, and otherwise drop to your knees at the altar of ZPG. Because there’s a reckoning a’comin’.

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Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge

Oregon ManifestThe Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge aims to inspire frame builders and designers to develop considered, integrated, and spectacular solutions for the everyday rider.

This challenge will showcase the quality, engineering ingenuity, and functionality of modern handbuilt bikes. Come see the latest in functional innovation!

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