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SKS Black Alley Cat Fenders Preview

Isn’t black the new pink, which was the new brown, which was the new black.  Even though hands down my favorite fenders are the Velo Orange Alumnium Fenders, I can embrace a subtle matte look for the ninja commuter..  If you keep a low profile, or simply want to match the rest of your components the new SKS Alley Cat Fenders in matte black are for you.  At the bike shop SKS fenders were something we kept in stock due to the various available widths to fit every type of bike you can imagine.

SKS Fenders

The details

SKS Alley Cat Fenders
MSRP : $44.99-49.99
Notes: Matte Black All Over, Available to fit 700 x 20-28, 700 x 28-38 & 700 x 38-47 wheel
sizes & comes with mudflaps.

From the Company

SKS is introducing a NEW Limited Edition Matte Black Fender, available in
stores September 1.

The new Alley Cat Fender, features a cool matte black finish and blacked
out profile hardware. Because of the underground finish/color, SKS USA
has coined this new product as the “Alley Cat” and each fender will come
with a reflective alley cat decal that can be applied to the fender or bike.

The Alley Cat comes equipped with front and rear mudflaps, and offers
extended splash coverage to keep the rider drier.

Full Review to Come

We have a set that just showed up and these will be installed, then tested to make sure the finish and hardware are up to par.  Do you have an SKS fender story? Let us know!

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The Perfect Commuter Bike : Quick Update

Long Haul Trucker

Currently the Long Haul is sitting as pictured above.  I installed the Schwalbe tires by chance, not thinking they would fit, but they did.  The tires I think have taken the bike a completely different path than originally I thought it would go.  The bikes looks have changed.

Yesterday, I worked on installing the Velo Orange 60mm 26″ fenders.  I need a new L-Bracket to install the front fender but I did a quick mock up photo, as you see above.

The handlebars installed right now are Nitto North Road handlebars, attached to a Misfit Psycles stem. I’ve been really impressed with the change of ride quality between the fat, balloon type, tires and the swept back handlebars..  There are still several handlebars to work through before I can give you an honest opinion on which handlebar I prefer, but I like the swept back and comfortable feel as it is.

What do you think so far?