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BikeUMentary : A UCLA Transportation Documentary

A short film documentary from UCLA Transportation and the Sustainable Resource Center. Within this short film they talk to a few different bike commuters in the LA area. Each user gives the advantages of choosing a bike for transportation, tips for how to get started and on safety.

Two thumbs up for a 5 minute film to encourage bike commuters!

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2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show Coverage

In two weekends we will be in Richmond, VA for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Each evening the show ends at 6pm and we are going to be looking for you. If you are going to the show add us on Twitter, @BikeShopGirlcom to let us know.. Let’s have a beer, share photos and see what you liked or disliked about the show. If you are lucky you may make an interview for

To keep up with all the post on Commute By Bike, follow the tag /2010-nahbs

Coverage Specials

The Largest Interview Series – In the next two weeks you’ll see interviews from many of the show exhibitors.

Daily Video Roundups – Visit us every morning for the the show highlights or join our Youtube Channel to follow along.

Photo Galleries – We will be hosting a very extensive photo gallery of the show and events before and after – make sure to check out our Flickr set as well!

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Banjo Brothers Waterproof Trunk Review : Introduction

Banjo Brothers Waterproof Trunk

The guys at Banjo Brothers are churning out new product every few months it seems.. The latest creation is what they call a “Waterproof Trunk” bag.. This massive bag has been able to hold extra clothes and my lunch with room to give, plus because it mounts under your saddle you don’t need any racks installed to carry most of your gear.

Details from the company

#01033 Waterproof Saddle trunk
MSRP : $44.99

400 cubic inches (12.5″ J x 7″H x 4.75D)
Waterproof w/ replaceable liner
Outer pocket for quick access to keys/money
Web loop for lashing gear like jackety
Interior Aluminum Strut stiff HDPE hull and 4 point strapping

Some finer details

This bag will require some seat post sticking out for the two velcro loops to secure well..  I’ve successfully installed it so far on road racing saddles and of course the Brooks you’ll see in our Introduction video.. The bag holds all the details that Banjo Brothers is known for, these guys make great bags to last for the people that may be a bit too rough on their product.

Off for more testing

We will put the bag through the test and be back with a full review.. If you have questions, size concerns or anything else you would like to be added to our testing please let me know!.


This product was given to me at no charge for reviewing.  I was not paid or bribed to give this review and it will have my honest opinion or thoughts through out. Read more on ou. review disclaimer.
Brothers Waterproof Trunk
Full Review at
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Video Podcast : Update on Vega 200 & Perfect Commuter Bike

In this podcast I go over how the Light & Motion Vega 200 review is going. In the second clip I show you how the Long Haul Trucker from our Perfect Commuter Bike Build is sitting.

Let me know any questions, comments or opinions. I’m still trying to work out these podcast in order to be ready for the Handmade Bicycle Show the end of February.

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Nice bike commercial

Okay, some people are complaining about the sidewalk riding and wrong way riding, and others don’t like the advertiser, but I like that this video shows people dressed for living riding their bikes to get around and transport their stuff. And there’s no ridiculous “Professional drivers on closed course” disclaimer to accompany this transportation ad!

Found via Roc Bike and Bike Commuters.