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Help Center : Longtail, Pet, & Specialty Bike Trailer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on our Longtail, Pet, & Specialty Bike Trailers

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Which overall issues should I consider when choosing the best bicycle trailer for my needs?

We offer a large variety of bicycle trailers to cover a wide range of uses. Some of the most important points to consider are:

  1. The kinds of items you will be carrying.
  2. How much weight you plan to carry.
  3. The terrain and weather conditions in the area in which you will be riding.
  4. How often you will be using the trailer (ie. daily vs. touring).
  5. The style of bicycle trailer that can be attached to your bicycle.

The following Q&A's are intended to answer some of these basic questions. If anything is unclear, or requires more detail, feel free to give us a call at 1+800-717-2596.


What is a longtail?

Longtail kits and longtail bikes are a relatively new way to haul cargo, blend smoothies, and transport friends and enemies, among other applications. The general idea is that by adding a longtail conversion kit to your bike, you extend the wheelbase, and by attaching accessories to its vertical and horizontal ports, you open your bike up to a rainbow of cargo carrying configurations and hitherto unimagined versatility.

Should I buy a longtail or a trailer?

A longtail conversion, while not permanent, is an involved process and not immediately reversed, if, say, you want to go for a simple, recreational ride without all of the gear*. Trailers, on the other hand, are easily uncoupled from your bike, leaving behind every bit of evidence that it has ever been put under the yoke.

*We don't mean to discourage you from riding recreationally with a longtail kit installed. It is merely a hypothetical, "what if?".

Will a longtail work with my bike?

Longtail conversions are not meant for svelte bikes, i.e., most road bikes with race geometry won't work well. You'll want to convert a mountain, cross, or touring bike, usually with a higher bottom bracket. Most trailers, alternatively, can be attached to carbon road frames as easily as they can be to a beefy mountain bike. According to Xtracycle, the inventors of longtail technology, their kits will fit, "the vast majority of mountain bikes, three speeds, and beach cruisers." If you have questions about compatibility with your bike, give us a call.

Pet Trailers

Will my dog fit in a pet trailer?

Many dogs will fit in a pet trailer. There are small dog bike trailers for dogs that weigh less than 45 lbs. For dogs that weigh 45 - 75 pounds, we recommend a large dog bike trailer. We do not recommend a traditional dog bike trailer for dogs over 75 lbs., but you may be able to utilize a solid bed bike trailer in some capacity to carry a larger pet. Dog bike trailers have two-wheels, which makes them stable to accommodate the weight and wiggling of your pet. Pet trailers also have reinforced floors and side battens to keep your pet safe.

Can I put a cat in a trailer?

You can put your cat in a trailer as long as your cat can tolerate being cooped up in a trailer. We don't need to tell you that cats are very clever and very talented escape artists. That's why any trailer you in which you intend to carry a cat needs to be outfitted with all of the proper escape-prevention measures for your feline friend.

Specialty Bike Trailers

What is a specialty bike trailer?

A specialty bike trailer is a trailer designed to carry specific items and for specific applications. Most specialty bike trailers will not work well for hauling items other than those for which they are intended. Examples of specialty bike trailers include water sport trailers designed to carry canoes and kayaks, as well as advertising trailers designed to carry and display signs and banners.

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