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Help Center: Bike Trailer Cycles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Trailer Cycles

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Can I attach a trailer behind my trailer cycle?

The short answer is no. You will need to refer to the rated capacity of your trailer cycle, but most are limited to about 85 pounds. Once you add in the weight of your child, the trailer, and any cargo, you will probably have exceeded its capacity. This is not to say it cannot be done, just that it is difficult to do safely.

Appropriate Ages:

How old does my child need to be in order to ride a trailer cycle?

Typically, the recommended age range for trailer cycles is between four and ten years of age. More important than your child's age, though, is their ability to fit on the trailer cycle. They should be able to comfortably reach the pedals and handlebars. You should also pay attention to the rated capacity of your trailer cycle, as this is a more reliable way to judge whether your child is too large for a trailer cycle.

Bike Compatibility:

Can I attach a trailer cycle to my bike?

Most trailer cycles attach in one of two places: to a special rear rack or to the seatpost. In order to use a rack-mounted trailer cycle, you must be able to attach a rear rack to your bike, i.e., you need to have rear dropout eyelets and either seatstay eyelets or the ability to attach standard rack clamps to your seatstays. Disc brakes mounted to your chainstay shouldn't pose a problem, but seatstay mounted disc brake calipers will prevent you from mounting a rack.

Seatpost-mounted trailer cycles utilize a hitch bracket that clamps to the seatpost, therefore you need to have between two and four inches of exposed seatpost to attach the bracket. If you have no exposed seatpost, you will need to use a rack-mounted trailer cycle.

How quickly can I remove or reattach a trailer cycle?

Most manufacturers use hitch brackets that utilize a quick-release mechanism, to quickly attach and detach the trailer cycle. Rack-mounted trailer cycles, such as Burley's, use a lever to engage the hitch's safety pins and a knob to thread the hitch into the rack

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