Bike Footwear

Bike Touring Shoes

When The Going Get Tough…

Touring Shoes the toughest shoes for cycling around. Touring Shoes are built for mountains, mud, rocks, sand and any other off-road terrain but can be worn as a normal shoe for day to day life. What makes Touring Shoes different from Commuting Shoes? The most common difference is the carbon rubber on the bottom. Bike-touring-shoes

The rubber bottom are more aggressive and are cut like a off road tire to help keep you up right! But don’t worry, Touring shoes still keep all the benefits of commuting shoes by help with a more efficient pedal stroke and lets be honest, touring shoes are waaaaaaay cooler and being being cool is still cool, right?

Lace up for Adventure

Touring shoes can go anywhere. Camping? Riding? Touring? Mountain Biking? Challenge Accepted. These shoes can do it all. You’ll also want to make sure that your shoe has really good ventilation, so your feet can breath and a good stiff sole will also help keep your power pushing through your legs to your pedal.

Don’t be limited, Touring shoes can be used off the bike for just about anything, these aren’t your traditional touring shoes that are clunky and hard to walk in, these babies are comfy!

Bike Commuting Shoes

To Clip Or Not To Clip…

Commuting shoes are one of the must haves for any bicycle rider, Commuting Shoes differ from your normal shoes because they have the ability to attach to pedals making your pedal stroke easier. The commuting shoes comes with hardware that is already installed on the outside of the toe box gum area and are designed to clip into your bikes pedals. Why is this good? Using commuting shoes that clip in helps move your energy in your legs down or up pedal to help drive your power through the pedal stroke to ensure a efficient and powerful pedal stroke and that means you be able to ride easier and keep a steady pace while riding around town or into work.

bike-commuting-shoes What do I choose?

Commuting Shoes come in all shapes and colors. What type of job do you have? Do you work in that suit and tie workplace then you might want to check out the Quoc Pham shoes and roll into work with style. Or are you out on a retail floor selling bikes and need something to get you through the day and be comfortable on your feet then you should check out the Chrome Shoes and keep the digits flowing! The best part is both shoes you can keep on all day and hop on your bike and ride home.

Whatever shoe you decide on, you be sure to notice a difference while riding and all the high fives you’ll get for wearing the most awesome shoes known to man. Now go out there, clip in and ride the world!