Burley Trailer Parts Closeouts

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The name Burley is synonymous with bike child trailers for a good reason. Burley has been making bike trailers longer than just about anyone, so they’ve amassed more than 30 years of parents cycling with their kids — and loving it.

These warm associations motivate Burley to continue to innovate, and develop new products for family cycling, including Burley Child Trailers and Burley Trailer-Cycles.

Burley products are up to the challenge and are designed with safety, durability, and comfort in mind. Choose from Burley’s wide selection of child trailers, pet trailers, and accessories.

Burley began as a workers cooperative, and today (as a corporation) Burley continues to bring high-minded values to all of their products, aiming for the absolute best in quality, durability and safety.

Burley also makes trailers for dogs, so you can load up your cat, dog or house elf for a ride around the town! What makes the Burley Pet Trailers great is the ability to turn them into a stroller! Burley also makes trailers for cargo and they make one of the most popular trailers available, the Burley Nomad. The Nomad will roam around behind and keep your gear organized and protected for the elements, another award-winning option is the Burley Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer. The Travoy allows you to haul cargo and transform into a hand truck or dolly to help haul groceries around the store.

Showing all 5 results